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10 best eye creams.

10 best eye creams.

Choosing the best eye creams – according to expert and customer reviews.

The best eye creams for young skin (18-30 years old) The best eye creams against pronounced signs of aging (30-60 years old) The best universal eye creams.

Use only one face cream and that will be enough for you, the latest articles on beauty on the Internet are vying with each other. But is it really so? Is it really possible to do with just one cream and look great? In fact, you can, but not always. Some girls are really lucky, their skin on the face, eyelids and neck is not very different and does not require special care. But so lucky – minority. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of girls, the skin on the face and around the eyes is very different. The best creams for the skin around the eyes for all ages (25, 30, 40, 50 years) will be discussed in our rating.

Features of the skin around the eyes.

The eyelids themselves are quite a sensitive and tender area that requires special attention. This can be understood if you look at their structure. The skin here is much thinner and more mobile, because this is a zone of constant blinking. On average, a person blinks 15 times a minute, and women are twice as likely as men! There are far fewer sebaceous and sweat glands on the eyelids than on the rest of the face and there is practically no subcutaneous fatty tissue. A complex system of blood circulation and nervous regulation takes place in this zone. It has a very weak connection with adjacent tissues. This explains the rapidity of edema and bruising..

As they say: «Eyes – this is the mirror of the soul» and it would not be bad at all if the frame looked just as beautiful too. After all, when communicating, we always look into each other’s eyes. But sometimes various reasons insolently prevent us from looking the way we want it. This could be one or more reasons. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Wrinkles in the corners of the eyes or «crow’s feet»

Active facial expressions and poor vision Age-related decrease in the density and elasticity of collagen and elastin fibers Photoaging of the skin and the harmful effects of the environment.

Dark circles under the eyes.

Vessels visible through the thin skin. More often veins and capillaries give a bluish or purple hue. Hyperpigmentation. The appearance of melanin cells in the skin, as a protective response to solar radiation. Gives a brown tint. Bad habits. Yellowish tints appear in smokers. Tissue retraction due to hereditary predisposition and facial structure. In this case, a natural shadow appears under the eyes due to the refraction of light. Insufficient skin hydration.

Swelling around the eyes.

Frequent stagnation of fluid, which occurs due to: Diseases of the kidneys or blood vessels Constant lack of sleep and stress Allergic reactions Alcohol and salty foods Hernial protrusion of the eyelids, which occurs due to the sagging and weakening of the ligaments of this zone through which fat packets are visible.

Each person is special, and his skin has its own characteristics and needs. You can never tell how this or that cream will behave on your skin. But we can help you make the right choice and tell you about the best creams for the skin around the eyes – according to reviews of cosmetologists and ordinary customers..

Category Place Name Rating Price The best eye creams for young skin (18-30 years old) 1 VICHY – Slow Age Eyes 9.8 / 10 1 407 2 La Roche Posay – HYDRAPHASE Intense Yeux 9.8 / 10 1 506 3 CLINIQUE – All About Eyes 9.5 / 10 2 879 The best eye creams against pronounced signs of aging (30-60 years) 1 Derma E – Advanced Peptides & Collagen eye cream 9.9 / 10 1 545 2 Dermaheal – EyeBag Serum 9.7 / 10 1 660 3 Kiehl`s – Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado 9.6 / 10 2 400 The best universal eye creams 1 Dermalogica – Total Eye Care SPF-15 9.8 / 10 3 277 2 SesDerma (Mediderma) – C-VIT Eye Contour Cream 9.7 / 10 1 224 3 Beautydrugs – Snail Repairing Eye Cream 9.6 / 10 908 4 Blepharogel 1 9.1 / 10 250.

The best eye creams for young skin (18-30 years old)

VICHY – Slow Age Eyes.

Good hydration Removes swelling Prevention of aging.

It has little effect on dark circles Wrinkles will not remove Poorly squeezed out at the end of use, but if you cut the package you can find a decent amount of cream.

La Roche Posay – HYDRAPHASE Intense Yeux.

Can be applied in the morning and evening. Odorless. It is quickly absorbed, in the first minutes it can leave a slight stickiness. HYDRAPHASE Eye Cream is suitable for both young and mature skin after 30 years. After opening the package, use within 6 months.

Light texture Economical consumption Good hydration Drainage effect Hypoallergenic Convenient dispenser.

No protective film on the tube Will not save dark circles.

CLINIQUE – All About Eyes.

In line-up, Cyclopentasiloxane is in the first place – cyclopentaxiloxane, which is a derivative of silicones and Polyethylene – polyethylene. They are used as stabilizers and are generally harmless, but where is it now without them. The cream does not affect wrinkles strongly and can sometimes cause a feeling of dryness and tightness on severely dehydrated skin..

Light texture Smell good Good hydration.

No dispenser Not the most natural composition Will not save wrinkles.

The best eye creams against pronounced signs of aging (30-60 years old)

Derma E – Advanced Peptides & Collagen eye cream.

100% vegan product Good hydration Economical consumption Really works.

No dispenser.

Dermaheal – EyeBag Serum.

Good humidification Convenient dispenser Drainage effect Economical consumption.

Will not save you from pigmentation May require additional moisture.

Kiehl`s – Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado.

Good hydration Soft texture Rich composition.

No dispenser Will not save you from edema.

The best all-round eye creams.

Dermalogica – Total Eye Care SPF-15.

Tonal effect Sun protection Good hydration Skin brightening.

Day use Expensive.

SesDerma (Mediderma) – C-VIT Eye Contour Cream.

Good hydration Skin lightening Antioxidant action.

Not suitable for people with citrus allergies Does not remove wrinkles.

Beautydrugs – Snail Repairing Eye Cream.

Good humidification Large volume Convenient dispenser Low flow rate.

Does not save from edema without patches.

Blepharogel 1.

Good hydration Suitable for various diseases Can be used to remove makeup.

Moisture only Forms a film on the eyelids.

How to choose the right eye cream.

Each person is unique in his own way, his aging process is also unique, but sooner or later everyone faces this.

At the age of 18, we think little about wrinkles and practically do not use any care products. In general, we do not need this, but if you want to stay young and beautiful longer, the skin, like the rest of the body’s systems, needs prevention. You can start taking care of your face even at 18, the main thing is to choose the right care product and not overload the skin, otherwise you can only accelerate negative processes. For a young age (18-25 years old), light moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid, thermal water, vitamin complexes and plant extracts are suitable.

Skin after 30 needs to add additional ingredients: various oils, amino acids, enzymes and peptides. Today, peptides are the most popular and effective anti-age therapy. These are tiny protein chains capable of acting on signaling molecules in the skin, restoring its activity or having a targeting effect against any problem. The most famous peptide – argireline, which has a botulinum-like effect (muscle relaxant). With prolonged and correct use of such creams, you can achieve a persistent reduction in expression wrinkles up to 30%, which is pretty good for a cream..

Rules for applying cream around the eyes.

As we have already found out, the skin of the eyelids is delicate and sensitive, therefore, the rules for applying cream on it are somewhat different from ordinary ones..

It is advisable to keep the eye cream or serum in the refrigerator. The cold cream enhances the decongestant and vasoconstrictor effect. And someone just needs a charge of vivacity in the morning. With pronounced edema and blood vessels, preference can be given to creams, in the design of which there is a metal tip. The skin cooling effect is enhanced. You can simply use a small spoon for your daily massage. The cream is applied with several fingers with light patting movements. Below, from the outer corner of the eye to the inner, from above from the inner to the outer. At the same time, try not to stretch the skin. It is not necessary to apply close to the ciliary edge and on the upper eyelid. when blinking, the cream rolls off and can get on the mucous membrane, which can cause irritation and watery eyes. But if you use a specialized eye cream, the risks are reduced. Such funds are checked by ophthalmologists. If your eyes still lack hydration, apply a regular face cream over the eye cream or serum..

Of course, any eye cream – this is not a magic wand and will not get rid of all of the above problems. What we can get – moisturizing, smoothing the relief and tightening the tissues. But the right product will significantly improve the appearance of the skin..

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