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20 best nail polishes.

20 best nail polishes.

To make a pleasant impression, the fair sex takes care of their nails. Those who do not have enough time to visit salons prefer to do their own manicure at home. To do this, you need to choose a good varnish that will meet the following requirements:

absence of harmful components in the composition; fast drying; high indicator of durability; uniform coverage; convenient application; lack of a pungent odor.

We took these characteristics into account when compiling a rating of the best nail polishes, paying special attention to the reviews of girls on the Internet..

The best decorative nail polishes.

Decorative nail polishes are suitable for everyday use. They have an optimal ratio of price and quality and please with a variety of shades. When choosing them, it is important to pay attention to the composition; it must contain extremely safe components. Our rating includes the best decorative products from the most trusted manufacturers.


LUXVISAGE varnish will help to create an interesting chameleon effect on nails without much difficulty. It changes color depending on lighting and viewing angle. Two duochromic tones have been added to the formula, thanks to which this effect is achieved. The composition dries very quickly, lasts a long time. The manufacturer recommends applying the varnish on a light or dark base for the best effect. The formula strips in one layer. Each varnish color has a basic tone, complemented by 2 or 3 overflows. For example, purple with brown and gold. The most worthy buyers consider the shades 404, 405 and 407.

Reviews praise a convenient brush with which you can paint over the entire nail in one stroke. They are noted for high durability, and the varnishes are combined with other brands of fixers. LUXVISAGE renews the collections every few months, offering shades for the changing seasons. The only negative is the strong absorption of the formula into the nail plate..

4 Essie Summer 2018 Collection.

The American company Essie began its history more than 30 years ago. Then the brand presented to customers 12 original exquisite shades of varnishes. Today, the brand produces a huge range of products for nails, which allows you to give them the perfect color, nourish, strengthen and restore a healthy look..

Among the 250 different shades of the summer 2018 collection, every girl will find an option for herself. Essie varnishes last for a long time and are easy to apply thanks to the wide brush. With just one movement, you can evenly coat the nail plate. The company did not stop there and is developing new textures and palettes. The founders of the brand each time come up with original names for varnishes: Delicatessen, Shopaholic, Tikhonya, Mademoiselle.

3 Golden Rose Rich Color.

The popular Turkish brand of nail polishes has also taken its place in our rating. Customers most often leave good reviews about this product. Golden Rose Rich Color varnish is equipped with a wide, perfectly shaped brush. She does not miss a single area on the nail. It has an unobtrusive smell and a completely normal composition. For a beautiful appearance, it is necessary to apply at least 2 coats. Most often, when only one is coated, a transparent effect is visible.

availability; beautiful shades; delicate texture; keeps well; nice smell; optimal cost.

one layer is not enough; liquid texture.

2 Dance Legend Sahara Crystal.

Dance Legend Sahara Crystal is a collection of 18 varnishes with a unique effect of fine grains of sand. They are used as decoration, or completely cover the nail plate. The manicure looks interesting, does not scratch or prick, as you might think at first. The formula takes up to 10 minutes to harden, during which time the relief appears. It has an average wear – it keeps perfectly for 3 days, then grains of sand begin to break off. The best effect is achieved after the second layer: interesting texture is visible to the naked eye.

The reviews warn of a very liquid consistency. Many have practiced getting the right amount of food. Over time, varnishes thicken and become more comfortable. It is difficult to remove the sandy texture, it remains in the corners of the plate. The biggest challenge is the Dance Legend Sahara Crystal with glitters, they stick to the nail. More often these decorative varnishes are combined with glossy surfaces..

1 SALLY HANSEN Complete Salon Manicure.

It is not without reason that the American-made tool occupies a leading position in the ranking. SALLY HANSEN is one of the most popular companies in our country. This is quite justified by the wide variety of colors. And easy application is another argument in favor of the product. This nail polish is an excellent substitute for salon finishes. It makes it possible to get incredibly beautiful nails at home. Protects against chipping, holds well and has a comfortable pussy.

high quality of the product; convenient packaging and brush; easy application; fast drying; excellent result.

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Best professional nail polishes.

The most stringent requirements are always imposed on professional tools. When choosing such a nail polish, you should pay attention to the consistency, composition, shelf life and tightness of the package. You can not use a low-quality drug in your work, because this threatens the client’s dissatisfaction. Based on the reviews, we have selected the best products.

5 Brigitte Bottier Mirror.

Brigitte Bottier Mirror is the only polish in the ranking with a mirror finish, highly appreciated by lovers of the most brilliant manicure. There are only 10 shades in the line, bright and natural colors are presented. A wide, rounded brush allows you to paint over your nails evenly. The manufacturer recommends using nail polish for stamping, although buyers boast of a manicure done only by him. The formula is not capricious when applied, does not require a polished plate. Fits tightly in one layer. Despite the bright colors, the composition is perfectly removable. Virtually does not stain nails.

Buyers note the beautiful effect in different lighting conditions. It turns out a metallic sheen, a strong shine appears. The comments advise you to try glitter and shimmer varnishes. The strong point of this line is the ability to experiment: it goes well with any textures, does not be capricious when interacting with other brands.

4 VINYLUX New Wave Collection by CND.

VINYLUX varnishes are considered incredibly durable and fast drying. They last for at least seven days and provide quality nail care. The range of colors is striking in the number of shades. The range of coatings is created on the basis of the experience acquired by the company in the process of working with popular world fashion designers. The CND team of professionals has been taking part in various exhibitions for ten years and creates the most top and fashionable shades..

New Wave Collection weekly varnishes are based on ProLight technology. They are available as a two-piece system without a base. Due to this, high resistance is achieved without chips and cracks, fast drying speed, glossy shine and rich shade..

3 KINETICS SolarGel.

KINETICS SolarGel is one of the new collections of the manufacturer, which is applied and dries like a regular varnish, but has a gel surface. The main advantage is the number of shades: trendy, juicy, bright and pastel colors, equally well pigmented. The brand promises to last up to 10 days without special lamp drying. It is recommended to cure the varnish with SolarGel Top. The product comes in a heavy, high-quality bottle, it is pleasant to hold it in your hands. With a medium-sized brush, it is easy to paint over the nail plate with one stroke.

Buyers call the varnish excellent, note the absence of problems with manicure during the week. The formula lasts longer, but fades a little. It is very similar to the luxury varnishes that are used in expensive salons. Reviews praised the shape of the brush: flat with a rounded tip, like a petal. It holds and transfers the required amount of the composition. The varnish is removed in a couple of seconds.

2 Orly.

There is a reason why high quality nail polishes occupy a leading position in the ranking. A wide range of shades – from pastel shades to bright saturated. The quality of Orly products is what makes them special. Varnishes can be easily applied in just one layer, while the appearance of the nail will be great. Choice of glossy or matte effects. Perfect consistency is another argument in favor of the American brand. No chips remain on the tips, and application takes a few seconds.

unusual comfortable brush shape; bright saturated colors; variety of shades; excellent composition; keeps well; economical packaging.

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1 OPI Nail Lacquer.

The famous American brand offers you high quality nail polish. It is often used in nail salons because has a number of advantages. Chips, scratches are not visible on this tool. It perfectly protects the nail plate and does not have a negative effect, unlike some similar products. The main advantage is high wear resistance. Reviews show that OPI Nail Lacquer holds very well.

perfect texture; simple application; excellent wear resistance; wide brush.

high price; requires 2 coats or more.

The best premium varnishes.

Many ladies are not used to saving on beauty and choose premium products. Find out why expensive varnishes deserve to be in the rating of the best.

5 Alessandro.

The German manufacturer Alessandro was created for lovers of luxury: chic application, drying, wear. The coating does not lose shine, repeats the effect of gel polish. Diamond dust is added to the composition, which gives shine and strengthens the plate. Silk microparticles make the surface perfectly smooth and increase the durability of the manicure. The line has unique matte and rainbow shades that other manufacturers have not been able to replicate. A selection of natural colors for every day is presented.

Buyers note that some of the shades repeat more expensive luxury, for example, Chanel. They call Alessandro varnishes an excellent alternative. The box with a square cap is comfortable to hold in your hand. The varnish should be applied in two or three layers, the first will strip a little. The consistency is liquid, it requires getting used to. The main reason for the last place in the ranking is the composition. There is no formaldehyde in the ingredients in Russian. However, in the composition in English, it is indicated.

4 Christina Fitzgerald Color culture.

Christina Fitzgerald has turned manicure into an art. She is a recognizable figure in the beauty industry who created a unique brand in 2008 based on a lot of experience. The collection “Culture of Flowers” is popular, where sensual and deep shades of varnishes are presented, striking in their durability. The Australian brand is preferred by professional manicurists and ordinary housewives who value quality first of all..

Almost all varnishes are sold as sets (color coat plus preparation). It is not so easy to choose a shade among the collections of Christina Fitzgerald, they are all charming. Hawaiian Reef, Pink Shimmer, Milky Way, Khaki Safari – these are not all the colors presented in the current series of nail cosmetics.


The famous brand, about which many positive reviews have been written, produces nail polishes with incomparable shine and endless durability. The new lines from Dior provide an even coverage with a gel effect. The varnish is applied with one touch, which is why modern young ladies choose the ROUGE DIOR VERNIS SUMMER LOOK summer collection 2018.

The limited edition includes four types of shades: blue, dark blue, red and orange. Many ladies are not embarrassed by the high price for a 10 milliliter bottle, because the product has excellent quality and economical material consumption.

2 Lancome Vernis in Love.

The next participant in the ranking is also a French brand. Popular Lancome series are represented by high-quality professional products for nail beauty. The brand’s catalog contains the most original shades: from restrained to deep burgundy, as well as mint and juicy colors. For fashionistas, shiny and matte finishes are suitable. Varnishes are easy to apply thanks to a special brush.

The Vernis in Love range provides a flawless and long-lasting finish. All varnishes are available in beautiful exclusive 6 ml bottles. The cost of the products is justified by the high quality. The manicure turns out to be well-groomed and neat.

1 Yves Saint Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent not only surpasses budget varnishes in many ways, but even among the suites it takes a leading position. The brand presented a wide palette of shades: bright and fresh, natural and romantic, shocking and modest. Varnishes have a unique formula that combines decorative and healing functions. She has maximum durability and takes care of the condition of the nails. The composition is enriched with trace elements that penetrate the plate. Natural oils nourish and moisturize, prevent cracks and delamination.

Buyers praise the consistency: it immediately adheres to the surface, even a beginner will get a perfect manicure. The bottle deserves compliments: the bottle looks expensive, it looks decent on the shelf. The brush ensures an even distribution of the varnish without bubbles and streaks. The correct width allows you to paint over the entire plate the first time. The pile does not bristle, does not deform after prolonged use.

Best budget nail polishes.

Manufacturers of budget varnishes often take ideas from their luxury counterparts, slightly change the formula, and offer them several times cheaper. Differences in cost are noticeable in the quality of packaging, but not in wear, color brightness, ease of application. This group includes the best inexpensive varnishes up to 200 rubles, which have earned the love of customers..


The CATRICE brand was able to repeat the find of luxury manufacturers: to create the perfect glossy finish with a gel polish effect. Their product stays on nails for up to 7 days, does not chip, does not lose brightness. A durable coating survives a slight mechanical stress. The formula is supplemented with acai oil to moisturize and nourish the plate. The varnish comes in small handy bottles, it is taken on trips. The well-thought-out shape of the brush ensures a neat application. To obtain the desired shade, 2 coats are required.

Buyers note the impressive volume of the bottle. The extended handle makes the brush comfortable to hold. In a couple of strokes, you can cover the entire nail. The villi are elastic, do not deform or shag over time. The reviews praise the good consistency for the balance of density and fluidity. The product does not run away from the nail, does not roll into lumps. Even without a base it fits perfectly. It only dries for a long time, it takes up to 15 minutes for 1 layer.

4 Vivienne Sabo Nail Atelier.

Vivienne Sabo Nail Atelier is a very affordable varnish, but it is not much inferior even to professional brands. The manufacturer offers a palette of 44 shades with different effects. He speaks of a unique topcoat formula that lasts 3-4 days. A special feature are the tassels: a different cut for each shade for maximum convenience. The flacons have a cute vintage design and look beautiful on the shelf. Varnishes dry quickly, add volume to the manicure.

Buyers warn that pot-bellied bottles take up a lot of space. High pigmentation of the product is noted, one layer is enough. Options with small and large sequins are praised. The shade with tints of red, yellow and green shimmer deserves high praise. Vivienne Sabo Nail Atelier is very similar to gel polish applied by professionals. However, some colors are difficult to tame, they strip.

3 Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine.

British brand Rimmel pleases with regular new products. One of the interesting finds was the 60 Seconds Super Shine series of varnishes, which combined 3 functions: base, rich color and top. The manufacturer has updated the shape of the brush, now one stroke is enough to cover the entire plate. The rounded edges allow for a perfect cuticle line. Formula dries in 60 seconds, lasts up to 10 days.

The composition of the varnish is liquid, but does not flow into the cuticle. The consistency in the reviews is called ideal. The product does not thicken over time with regular use. Fast drying remains even when applied in several layers. The number of coatings depends on the color. The most popular was the neutral shade: not too dark or light, without brown and red spots. The varnish is easily removed with any composition, although bright colors stain the nails and cuticles.

2 ART-VISAGE Gloss Finish.

Over the years on the market, ART-VISAGE has infiltrated the collections of many customers. Gloss Finish is one of the newest lines of the manufacturer, which combines the best features of the previous ones. The varnishes have high durability, dense application and wet effect. The gloss appears from the first layer, does not tarnish within 4 days. The formula does not contain toluene and formaldehyde, does not damage nails. The manufacturer recommends supplementing the varnish with a base so that the manicure lasts up to 10 days. The flat brush helps to distribute the formula without wicking. The product comes in thick glass bubbles, does not look cheap.

In the reviews, they note a simple application on nails, varnishes do not strip. Although it is advised to cover the plate twice or three times, otherwise the color will turn out pale. Even with prolonged wear, the manicure does not chip, but fades a little at the edges. Easy to wash with special liquid. The term of use varies with different colors. Natural shades “live” longest.

1 EL Corazon.

The Russian brand EL Corazon thought not only about the decorative, but also about the healing function of varnishes. The result is a nail-safe ruler. The composition is enriched with biological components that strengthen and seal the plate. According to the manufacturer, the formula dries quickly, does not require topcoating, and retains a fresh look for 4 days. The application technology repeats the work with conventional varnishes: it is enough to distribute the composition with a brush. One of the advantages is the color palette: bright, pastel, iridescent tones for a wide variety of manicure.

Judging by the reviews, many varnish collectors purchase at least a few bottles of EL Corazon. I am pleased with the impressive size – as much as 16 ml. Despite the volume, the bottles do not take up much space. They seem to fold into each other, like pieces of a puzzle. Customers appreciate the tassel in the correct length and width. Two strokes are enough to paint over nails.

How to choose nail polish.

Every manicurist, like any girl who paints her nails, needs a proven tool. The quality of the nail polish depends on several factors. What should you pay attention to first of all??

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