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A detailed review of which is better: spring sofas or polyurethane foam.

A detailed review of which is better: spring sofas or PPU.

When choosing a sofa, many are primarily interested in its appearance (size, material and color of the upholstery, shape, convenience), and those for whom the sofa will be a permanent sleeping place ask questions about the mechanism of transformation and filling of upholstered furniture. And it is not in vain, because the duration of the service life and convenience during sleep will depend on this. In this article, we have selected all the facts regarding the filling of sofas so that you can figure out which is better – spring sofas or polyurethane foam.

Spring sofa: pros and cons.

Spring blocks are of the following types:

1. Independent spring system.

The unit contains individual springs, each in its own fabric cover. The springs are compressed independently of each other, which is reflected in the name. The independent spring unit allows you to sit or lie on the sofa with maximum comfort. Such bases have a high orthopedic effect, which is an advantage for people with spinal problems. The block is capable of supporting a person weighing 150 kg.

2. Dependent springs.

Metallic elements are connected to each other in a block. When compressed, the entire horizontal plane is deformed completely. The orthopedic effect is minimal, such filling is suitable for people with low weight, since dependent blocks are designed for a weight of up to 100 kg. These springs are good for small sofas and armchairs. Their advantage is that their cost is lower compared to independent spring blocks..

3. Snake spring.

Traditional and practical, although not a spring block in shape. The snake-shaped springs are attached to the wooden frame of the upholstered furniture. Most often, such systems are used for seats of chairs and other small products, since these springs bend too much under the weight of a person and have poor damping. Withstand up to 120 kg. The cost of the “snake” is very democratic.

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The main advantages of the spring block are as follows:

Long-term operation. Special high-alloy steel is used in the manufacture, thanks to which the sofa can serve for ten years or more. The cost corresponds to the quality that reflects the practicality and durability of the furniture. Spring blocks are able to withstand high static loads and are suitable for overweight people.

Of the listed types, only independent springs have good orthopedic properties. The areas of the sofa that are used more often will dent as the springs do not reshape. Furniture with such a filler is more difficult and costly to repair. A sofa with a damaged block of dependent springs is most often inappropriate to repair, because it will have to be replaced entirely.

You can extend the operating period if you add a layer of dense foam rubber, felt or coconut coir to the spring block. The load on the sofa will be less if there are cushions made of holofiber or polyurethane foam.

Characteristics and advantages of polyurethane foam (PPU)

Furniture polyurethane foam began to be supplied to the USSR from Norway by Porolon, which is where the popular name came from. There are currently a lot of types of this material, but furniture filler is very different from soft foam rubber, which many imagine by sponges for washing dishes. For furniture, the so-called standard type of polyurethane foam is used, of increased rigidity, soft, superelastic, and even there are non-combustible types. The main advantage of polyurethane foam is that it recovers well after deformation..

Let’s list the differences between the polyurethane foam filler:

is able to quickly restore its previous shape; has a high density, serves as an excellent replacement for the spring block; resists mold and parasites; does not squeak, unlike springs, this material is used for sound insulation; hypoallergenic, as documented; resistant to temperature changes.

Modern polyurethane foam has many advantages, and it meets all the requirements for upholstered furniture, that is, it keeps its shape well, it is comfortable to sit on it and use it as a berth. Let’s analyze the varieties of furniture PPU:

The history of latex polyurethane foam is not so long, it began to be produced relatively recently. It has a soft and highly elastic structure. Has high orthopedic qualities, does not cause allergies. Its fillers are safe and comfortable for daily use. Suitable for weights up to 120 kg. Shaped type. Products are produced by casting in special blanks. This technology is used when you need to make furniture parts of various shapes. The material is dense, resilient and elastic, therefore it is considered high quality. Designed for a weight of 130 kg. Sheet PPU. It is produced in whole layers or sheets, from which parts of the required size are cut off at the next stages of production for the manufacture of sofas and armchairs. This is the most economical type of polyurethane foam. Maximum load – 100 kg.

Let’s analyze the positive qualities of PPU:

the sofa made of polyurethane foam has hypoallergenic properties, therefore it is absolutely safe even for children. despite its porous structure, it does not accumulate dust and harmful insects; fillers are impregnated with antibacterial protection to avoid fungal infection; is characterized by high wear resistance. The service life of a sofa with polyurethane foam is more than ten years with proper use; the filler allows air to pass through, which has a positive effect on a person’s well-being; after removing the load, a quick recovery of shape occurs.

However, there are also disadvantages:

dents may remain if you violate the rules of operation; the sofa should not be placed in direct sunlight, they have a destructive effect on the PPU. Therefore, before making furniture, polyurethane foam must be treated with protective compounds; most types of polyurethane foam are readily flammable materials; poisonous substances are released during combustion; when buying, you should clarify the degree of stiffness of the polyurethane foam, some soft varieties quickly deform, in addition, too soft filler is contraindicated for people with diseases of the spine.

Which is better: spring sofas or PPU.

1. Degree of comfort.

This is the first criterion by which the quality of any upholstered furniture is assessed, be it a sofa or an armchair. Anyone purchasing this product wants it to be comfortable to relax on, even while sitting or lying down. The most important thing is that a night’s rest does not turn into a search for a comfortable position for a tired body. The filler should serve as support, and not fall under the weight of the person. The even distribution of the load is the key to a comfortable sleep. In the morning you need to wake up refreshed and in a good mood, and not feeling overwhelmed..

Let us remind you once again that polyurethane foam is obtained by foaming polystyrene. Manufacturers today offer a wide variety of quality PU foam, which is used in the furniture industry. This modern material perfectly recovers after deformation, it has a high density and elasticity. Mattresses with good orthopedic properties are produced from polyurethane foam. Sagging under the weight of the human body, it allows you to relax and rest comfortably. Sofas with this filler can be purchased by people with a large weight, as well as those who suffer from allergic manifestations. PU foam belongs to environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials. A sofa with high-quality polyurethane foam will last long enough.

The main types of spring systems include those that are beautifully called “Bonnel” – these are fillers with dependent springs, and blocks with independent springs, or as they sometimes say “in cups”. Dependent spring blocks are still quite popular due to their low price, but they can already be called outdated. A sofa with Bonnel springs will not provide modern comfort. When pressed, the filler flexes over the entire surface. It is especially uncomfortable for two people with different weights to sleep on such a sofa..

When making a block of independent springs, each steel element is packed in a separate fabric cover, the springs “live” an independent life. Sagging, one spring does not pull all neighbors with it, so the load is uniform, and people sitting or lying nearby do not feel discomfort. Today, high-quality sofas are equipped with independent spring-block fillings or high-quality polyurethane foam, for example, latex. Then you can be sure that you will be able to wake up refreshed and energetic..

Who is the winner? Perhaps, now the score is equal – 1: 1. Consider the following criterion.

2. Service life.

Sofas with polyurethane foam can serve for a long time. Of course, when a sofa is acquired by a family with small children, no one can guarantee that they will not jump on it and do gymnastics. Here, any furniture will not stand it. With proper operation and careful attitude, a filler made of high-quality polyurethane foam will live for ten years, or even more. This material has many advantages: it is environmentally friendly, safe, breathable, bacteria and dust do not accumulate in it..

A filler with a spring block, made in compliance with all technological conditions, will also not yield in durability. Of course, if you use the sofa as a simulator for sports activities, it has little chance of remaining in its original form. First of all, this applies to the most economical options. Springs can squeak or tear upholstery, peeking out.

Still, springs to springs are different, it is worth noting that elements of such furniture break and jump out onto the surface, which can hardly be called furniture. Such products are said to have been made in a garage on their knees. Serious manufacturers who follow their reputation, when making a sofa, a layer of cushioning materials is laid on top of the spring block, which protects the upholstery..

So – again a draw. The score is 2: 2. At this point, everything will depend on the quality of the raw materials. Bad foam rubber will quickly “sag”, and budget dependent springs can jump out of the sofa.

3. Cost.

If we compare prices for sofas, then products with polyurethane foam are more economical than furniture with an independent spring block. Dependent spring blocks are often installed in economy class sofas, but they also serve significantly less. We have already talked about the quality of sleep. As for the polyurethane foam, its quality indicators depend on the variety. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing and do not hesitate to ask questions to the consultant.

The desire of the buyer not to overpay is absolutely understandable, but the joy of a low price often ends quickly when a person starts using a low quality sofa. And after a couple of months, mind you, not years, the seat of upholstered furniture may resemble a hilly plain, and your back will want to go to the masseur. The furniture showroom should provide you with complete information about the products sold. You need to sit on the couch and even lie down. Furniture items are bought for more than one year, so pay attention not only to the cost. Moreover, if you plan to use it as a sleeping place. A quality sofa will serve you faithfully for a long time..

Well, the polyurethane foam filler wins with a slight lead with a score of 3: 2. Undoubtedly, polyurethane foam costs significantly less than a spring block. In addition, it is easier for the manufacturer to work with..

Who can be called the winner? According to the score, the PPU won the battle. However, everything is not so simple. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages. And there are fans of different types of fillers. Someone loves the spring block, and someone is delighted with the PPU, and the choice must always be made independently, taking into account all the nuances.

The stores now have a huge assortment of furniture with seats made of polyurethane foam or with different types of spring blocks. A sofa with any filling can be of high quality. You shouldn’t rush to buy a sofa. The more information you get from different sources, the easier it will be for you to form your own opinion and buy the product that will delight you for a long time..

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