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A fresh take on hinged kitchen shelves.

A fresh take on hinged kitchen shelves.

It is most convenient to place kitchen utensils, spices and food at eye level and at arm’s length, that is, on hinged kitchen shelves. All on them, of course, will not fit, and it is not necessary. But often used spices, a duty dinner service and stylish decorative gizmos will always be there..

Open hinged shelves in the kitchen: “Against” Style is our everything! Kitchen hinged open shelves: we vote “For”! Overview of materials IKEA shelves – modern classics Basic collection: wall shelves for the kitchen Stolplit Scattering of ideas Photo gallery – wall shelves in the kitchen Video.

In addition to the applied purpose, the hinged shelves in the kitchen serve as an open showcase. They place a collection of your favorite mugs, decorative plates, original wine bottles, antique utensils – the style of the interior and lifestyle will tell you what exactly.

Open hinged shelves in the kitchen: “Against”

The three most common reasons why they refuse shelves in the interior of the kitchen:

Reluctance to constantly clean them up. Inability to create picturesque installations from dishes and other objects. Conflict with the chosen style – for example, it seems that open shelves do not fit well in sterile high-tech or refined Art Deco.

About cleanliness.

We have something to object. See how your favorite plates and cups sit comfortably on the hinged open shelf for the kitchen. They certainly won’t have to be washed more often than usual – simply because the owners use them every day. And they are always at hand!

The dishes that are intended for a buffet table are used less often and can really lose their shine, but not in a modern kitchen equipped with an extractor hood..

Hanging shelves in the kitchen.

The need to constantly wipe the shelves and wash the dishes can really negate all the conveniences. However, there is little dust in the cooking area. Basically, greasy deposits settle on the shelves, and this problem can be solved in an elementary way: by installing a hood. So in a well-equipped kitchen, the shelves and everything that stands on them are not so dirty..

A compromise option is hinged closed kitchen shelves with glass doors. They visually free up space, give an overview of the contents and preserve the pristine shine of glasses and porcelain..

Hinged closed kitchen shelves with glass doors.

How to avoid chaos?

Not everyone has the gift of creating picturesque installations from dishes and other objects. Why not take a look at the collection of interiors designed by designers? They demonstrate how you can arrange hinged shelves for the kitchen – photo projects give a lot of interesting ready-made solutions.

Take a look – most of the photos have cute, everyday utensils on the shelves..

How do you create a sense of order? There are several secrets:

Accessories support the selected design style. Each shelf is assigned to certain things. Sometimes vertical partitions are used. Ideally, a permanent place is assigned to each item. Group more or less homogeneous objects in piles or distribute them into containers (baskets, trays). Variegation is avoided in color.

Shelf accessories support the style of the interior.

Style is our everything!

It is categorically wrong to think that open hinged shelves for the kitchen are a secondary subject. There are no good or bad shelves, there are poorly used ones. Open shelves in the kitchen are not a budget option for a wall cabinet, but beautiful expressive furniture, very comfortable and stylish, in many cases simply irreplaceable.

It is hard to imagine, for example, a classic Italian set, a rural “Provence” or a harsh loft-style dining room without open shelves. They, like the cherry on the cake, sharpen the idea of ​​the interior. They leave room for change, constant creativity. However, all this will be discussed below – with details, lyrical digressions and reviews of design projects in which shelves hinged in the kitchen are used – photo.

Hanging shelves leave room for creativity.

Kitchen hinged open shelves: vote “For”!

Five good reasons to add open shelves to your interior:

1. It is really fashionable to dilute the monolithic facade of the kitchen interior with open shelves. 2. This is the most convenient way to store dishes and spices, which should always be at hand. 3. This is the easiest way to make the interior of the kitchen renewable by changing the exposure, placing new interesting items on the shelves. 4. This is a salvation for a narrow kitchen, in which hinged shelves of light construction, ideally console ones, help to avoid claustrophobia: the room is seen from wall to wall and turns out to be much more spacious than if it was hung with blank cabinets. 5. For many styles of interior design, hinged open shelves for the kitchen are a must.

Open shelves make the kitchen interior upgradeable.

Fashionable thing.

The smooth facades of typical functional kitchens have a serious drawback – they are rather bored. Monotony is fatal to our emotions. Do you want something fresh, rebellious? Designers propose to diversify the texture of the kitchen with open-type hinged shelves.

Console shelf.

Cantilever shelves – they float in the air! Even if they are quite densely packed with utensils, they seem light. It is necessary to maintain a balance between loading and emptiness: it is advisable to increase the distance between the shelves so that part of the wall opens. Suspended cantilever structures are especially good in high-tech interiors, scandi, minimalism, light loft.

Suspended cantilever design.

The rustic-style console features curly stops.

Open shelves on a metal frame.

The shelves on the frame are almost as “transparent” as the cantilever ones, but with a special character. Hinged shelves on the frame allow you to beat the combination of two materials – metal and wood, metal and glass, metal and MDF.

Shelves in a metal frame – an accent element of the interior.

The contrasting textures of the kitchen hinged open shelves on a steel frame make them a noticeable decorative element of the interior. They play a special role in the kitchen area of ​​the loft apartments: there is room for the designer’s imagination. For loft and steampunk shelves, they usually choose expressive textures of “old” wood and intricate metal pipes with fittings – as a frame.

Hanging sections.

Sectional shelves are similar in design to wall cabinets without doors. They have partitions. Manufactured as a single block (“Amelie”, “Nika” from Stolplit).

A fashionable technique: instead of a ready-made section, compose a composition of individual elements. For the original installation, you can use inexpensive wall shelves for the kitchen Stolplit, model “Athena”.

Stylish composition of individual elements.

Sectional wall shelves are created for the perfectionist: every kitchen item has its place, everything is grouped, there is a sense of impeccable order. Depending on the design and materials, sectional hinged open shelves for the kitchen are easily adapted for country, loft, high-tech style, although they got into the category of favorites thanks to the Scandinavian style.

Cabinet effect – hinged closed shelves in the kitchen.

What distinguishes a hinged closed kitchen shelf from a cabinet? Perhaps the fact that behind each door opens one compartment, often elongated in length, without internal shelves and partitions. In models with glass transparent doors, the resemblance to open shelves is especially clearly visible..

Weightless shelves with transparent glass doors.

Corner shelf for kitchen.

They say that the hut is not red at the corners, but red with pies. However, pies are tastier in a well-equipped, pretty kitchen, and there are no trifles in this business. So what about the corners? This is a reserve of useful space, which is a sin not to use. There are excellent examples of successful placement of corner shelves above the work area and near the dining group. Near the stove, the best solution is a hinged corner shelf for the kitchen with a door, and next to the dining table, somewhere behind the sofa, open corner shelves will be useful.

Functional corner shelf above the work area.

Review of materials.

Which shelf will decorate the kitchen – wood, steel, glass or MDF board?

Wooden shelves for the kitchen hinged and photos of successful projects.

Wood shelves have the ability to soften the formalism of inexpensive kitchens with sleek fronts. They immediately make the interior more expensive. Designers benefit from the fact that fusion has come into fashion – a mixture of styles. Even in a brilliantly cold high-tech kitchen, a wooden shelf will become an adornment, will bring sharpness to the interior. Of course, the material should speak for itself – the wood must be selected solid, textured.

Textured wooden shelves.

In a classic kitchen, industrial (loft), steampunk and, of course, country, wooden shelves look the most organic..

A new look at MDF.

How can I make the wooden shelf water-resistant and cleanable with any detergent without the risk of ruining the surface? It turns out that it’s easier to artfully imitate a tree. Manufacturing technology of MDF boards allows you to copy the pattern, relief and even the characteristic roughness of wood.

MDF technology artfully imitates wood.

MDF shelves can be of different colors, patterns, matte or glossy. This material is durable and suitable for any project, from the traditional to the most creative. Using MDF in the kitchen is a great idea, and this is proved by the numerous options for wall shelves for the kitchen – see the photo below.

White matte MDF shelves.

Shine and purity of metal.

Metal hinged shelves in the kitchen will survive more than one reconstruction. You can make cosmetic repairs, change furniture, but steel structures will definitely return to their place. They embody two important qualities – sterility and durability. Now the relevance is added to them: they are in trend, and this is for a long time.

Metal hinged shelves in the kitchen are always in trend.

The deceiving fragility of glass.

Glass shelves in the kitchen break everyday life, bring a festive, high spirits. Tempered glass is visually weightless and very durable. Glass hinged shelves are rarely included in a project, and it’s a pity, they are best suited as a display case for delicate tableware and decorative gizmos. Small kitchens especially benefit from non-standard design: they are filled with light, seem more spacious.

Glass hinged shelves in the kitchen.

IKEA shelves – modern classics.

IKEA has breathed new life into such a simple piece of furniture as a wall mounted shelf for a modern kitchen. Their products are unmatched in terms of price – quality – expressiveness. Designers have thought of all possible color options, adaptation to different styles. They did not deviate from utilitarianism, but made kitchen shelves a powerful decorative element of the interior. The only “but” – despite the wide range of models, all the wall shelves from IKEA have become familiar.

Hanging shelves from IKEA.

Basic collection: wall shelves for kitchen Stolplit.

To implement your own individual project, you can contact the manufacturers of custom-made furniture. Or to manufacturers focused on typical small kitchens. As an example, consider the products of the Stolplit company, which produces hinged and closed kitchen shelves in the dimensional standard of Khrushchev and post-Khrushchev buildings. They fit perfectly into small modern new buildings..

Hinged shelf model “Marseille”

Stolplit offers open shelves for the kitchen: console (“Marseille” model), console with a back wall (“Terra Comfort”, “Dreams”), sectional shelves (“Nika”, “Amelie”, “Cleo”). With external laconicism, they make a pleasant impression, and for the price they leave even IKEA behind..

Scattering of ideas.

In design, boldness and ease, a mixture of styles, unexpected features are now valued. Hanging shelves in the kitchen have never lost their practical value, but now they began to play the role of almost the main decorative element in the interior. We look at the catalog of photos, looking for interesting ideas. It’s time to experiment!

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