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Best iPhone XR cases of 2021

Best iPhone XR cases of 2021.

iPhone XR is a bright representative in the lineup of smartphones from the creators of Apple! The device is distinguished by a bright body color and a wide range of possibilities for use, in addition to a large display. The iPhone also has a glass back that needs protection against damage from drops or strong impacts. Not sure which case to choose? In the online store iLounge you can buy for every taste and color, and thanks to the selection of “Best iPhone XR Cases” choose the best of the best!

The difference between cases for iPhone XR:

Covers are the most popular because they are made of durable, wear-resistant materials: leather, silicone and plastic. They are easy to use and do an excellent job of protective functions. Functional flip cases allow you to conveniently store bank cards and documents with iPhone XR. They are often equipped with a sleep / wake option. The shockproof case will perfectly cope with the protection of your smartphone when dropped from a height of about 2 meters. Some models have additional screen coverage for the iPhone XR. For those with an active lifestyle, there are sports and versatile cases that protect iPhone XR in all weather conditions, and also have a convenient belt or arm clip. For iPhone XR to have a long battery life, you need to purchase a battery case that will last several full recharges..

Best iPhone XR Cases: Top 10 in 2021.

1. Apple Smart Battery Case.

price 3 199 UAH.

Apple Smart Battery Case is the perfect solution for those who need to be connected 24/7. The case provides 39 additional hours of talk time, making your longest conversations possible. For active users of social networks and surfers on the Internet, Smart Battery will add another 22 hours, and for watching movies another 27 hours over the usual battery. To ensure you are always aware of the battery level, the battery indicators of the connected battery cover are displayed on the iPhone screen. Moreover, a high-quality case guarantees protection of the iPhone in case of various damages and keeps the gadget working. Anti-slip coating will protect against unexpected drops during operation.

Always in touch!


Robust case protection Perfect compatibility Original Apple Touch-friendly Additional 27 hours of use on a single charge.


Dimensions Only two colors.

2. Element Case VAPOR-S.

price 2 635 UAH.

The Shockproof Element Case VAPOR-S keeps your iPhone XR safe and secure! Combining shock-absorbing corners and meeting the US military standard for shock and drop protection ensure your smartphone’s long-lasting performance. Additional covers will protect against dust and moisture getting inside the phone. The front aluminum frame of the cover is manufactured using ultra-precise CNC machining, and there is an additional polycarbonate frame in the back of the cover. Designed by the creators of Element Case, your iPhone will have a long and safe life. What’s more, the side bumper raises the iPhone XR screen and rear camera off a flat surface, protecting them from scratches and dirt..

Strong protection for your iPhone XR.


Metal hardware Conforms to US military shock protection standard Original design Pleasant to the touch.


Dimensions No anti-slip coating.

3. Momax X-Lens 3-in-1.

price 1 175 UAH.

The Momax X-Lens 3-in-1 makes life a lot easier for photography enthusiasts. After purchasing a cover from Momax, you do not need to take original pictures through various applications that significantly spoil the quality of photos. With easy one-motion access, you have the ability to take photos with a macro lens and a wide-angle lens, and the case also has a lens for photos with a Fisheye effect! The most common and needed lenses are always at hand. It is important that the Momax X-Lens 3-in-1 accessory also acts as a protector for your iPhone. The original case takes care of the safety of your smartphone, protecting it from scratches and abrasions, chips from light impacts and falls.

For those who like to take pictures.


3 interchangeable lenses Robust design Damage resistant.


Protruding lenses are not always easy to use No lens caps.

4. Redpepper DOT+

price 649 UAH.

Redpepper DOT + Waterproof Shockproof Case for 360 Degree Protection for iPhone XR! This is the best case for those who like to travel and for those who do not know what will happen to it in half an hour! Together with Redpepper DOT +, you can take breathtaking pictures or videos in various weather conditions and not worry about losing your performance. The case is equipped with a reliable design and the ability to fully use the functionality of the iPhone. Moreover, the affordable price makes the accessory even more versatile..

Miraculous case Kupuvav Daniy case before the trip to the sea. I can say that I have paid myself back 200%. Duzhechny, it is easy to close. Perevirku proishov in the middle-earth sea, dropping to a depth of up to 2 meters. In a word, wine is ideal. Dyakuyu, iLounge for the monster case!

Best for relaxation!


360 Degree Protection Shootable Underwater Quality Construction Affordable Price.


Overall volumes.

5. Woodcessories EcoFlip.

price 1 249 UAH.

Premium quality cases from the creators of Woodcessories are the perfect solution for wood and leather lovers! Firstly, this case model will bring security to your iPhone from all sides. Your iPhone with a folded case is protected from scratches and dust, dirt, bumps and drops. Secondly, natural and high-quality materials are a guarantee of long-term use. Thirdly, a magnetic lock and a pocket inside the flip case will allow you to always keep the most important thing in safety – the phone screen! In addition, a comfortable stand will allow you to talk over video calls or watch a movie without difficulty and was engaged in hands. Make the most of your time!

Comfortable stand.


Comfortable stand Made of genuine leather and wood Original design.


Solid construction.

6. MUJJO Full Leather Case.

price 1 360 UAH.

We have already talked about shockproof covers and those that will protect your performance when used underwater. We talked about those that allow you to take the perfect pictures and those that guarantee you to stay connected 24/7. Probably, you need to talk about a protective case with a thin design made of genuine leather from the creators of the Mujjo company. The Full Leather Case won’t add extra volume to your iPhone XR! The protective case will retain its original appearance for a long time, and the patina that appears after prolonged use will only add zest and originality to the accessory. Moreover, the natural leather guarantees a pleasant tactile sensation. And of course, protection! Together with the Full Leather Case, your iPhone is safe from the light shocks and falls that often happen in daily use, without extremism.

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