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Children’s bathroom: features of choice, modern safety standards and options for ergonomic design (145 photos)

Children’s bathroom: features of choice, modern safety standards and options for ergonomic design (145 photos)

Bathing is one of the most important and enjoyable procedures for a baby. Bathing a baby should not only be for hygienic purposes – water procedures give newborns a feeling of peace and tranquility. But in order for bathing to bring the little man and his mother maximum pleasure and comfort, it is necessary to take care of a comfortable children’s bath.

Some of the young parents see no reason to buy a separate small bath for water treatments. They believe that if the apartment already has a familiar large bathtub, then it is not worth spending finances on a new container..

Usually, inexperienced parents who have not yet tried to bathe their baby, and even more so in a large bath, think this way. Such an event will be very uncomfortable for the parents and dangerous for the newborn..

A toddler in a large bathtub can slip out of hand or get very scared. Moreover, a tired mother will have constant back pain after such events, and without the help of a second pair of hands, she is unlikely to cope with bathing..

Advantages of baby baths.

The main advantage of a separate baby bath is that the baby and parents will enjoy the bathing process.

Bright and convenient containers for water treatments will be the personal item of the crumb.

It is much easier to care for a small bath and keep it properly clean than a regular bath after bathing each family member.

It often happens that hot water disappears in the apartment for a long time, but it is necessary to bathe the child. For a baby bath, you can easily warm up a bucket of water, pour it into the baby bath and calmly wash the baby. A standard bath will require a lot more water.

You can always take a small baby bath with you to the dacha. And when the child grows up, the container can be used in the country as a small pool..

Range of products for bathing.

Today’s parents may well be confused among the variety of shapes, colors and functionality of baby baths that stores for children offer. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it should be with each type of bath separately.

What are the tanks for bathing children:

Most of the options, as the photos of baby baths clearly demonstrate, are models of a convenient shape and sufficient size, with a smooth surface and a non-slip bottom. The assortment on store shelves is very large, so choosing a product to your liking is not difficult:

Traditional oval tray made of inexpensive durable plastic. This tank is a small copy of the familiar adult bath. Baby products are wide and roomy, the baby will be very comfortable and comfortable in it in any position.

Plastic trays most often do not have additional attributes, but they can be purchased separately. These baby baths can be placed directly in the bathtub..

To make the process of bathing your baby more comfortable, you should purchase a special support for the baby’s bath. It is durable and has anti-slip accessories that allow the tub to be installed either in a large tub or on the floor..

Anatomical. A convenient product that repeats the shape of a baby’s little body and frees mom’s hands. Bathing becomes comfortable and easy.

An antibacterial model that should be chosen for babies prone to allergic skin reactions.

A variant of the bath, which is called “mother’s tummy”. Pediatricians emphasize that such a model is very convenient not only for bathing, but also for relaxing the muscles of babies..

Inflatable. A find for adults who travel out of town in the summer. The model is lightweight and comfortable.

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