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Complete specifications and functions.

Full specifications and functions.

With 4K X-Reality PRO, every image is upscaled to be as close to 4K quality as possible for incredible clarity. Image quality is enhanced in real time for fine detail.

Immersive 4K HDR entertainment.

Watch movies and TV shows in 4K HDR, so you can fully immerse yourself in what is happening on the screen. This TV supports various HDR formats such as HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma.

Enjoy HDR gaming.

Sony 4K HDR TVs are the perfect match for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®4 Pro consoles. Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with vibrant, rich colors. Picture quality like this brings your games to life on screen .

Expand your horizons with Android TV ™

Your smart TV just gets smarter. Now you can enjoy your favorite entertainment from your smartphone or tablet on the big BRAVIA ™ screen. Android TV ™ supports an advanced voice control system that lets you quickly search for movies, TV shows, apps and other content.

This TV is recommended by Netflix.

Do you use Netflix often? Your choice is Netflix Recommended TVs. They offer high performance, the latest intelligence and easy access to applications..

Built for sound: ClearAudio mode+

Realism of sound as well as realism of images. ClearAudio + optimizes TV sound for an even more immersive screen experience. Enjoy music, dialogue and sound effects in even better quality, whatever you watch.

Narrow aluminum-look frame.

A thin, narrow bezel surrounds the screen, allowing for a larger viewing area. Aluminum texture gives the TV an elegant, sophisticated look.

Cable routing and routing.

Hide the cables in the stand and keep them together with the included cable holder .

Not a single cable in front of the TV.

All cables and wires from a digital set-top box or Blu-ray player can be easily hidden in a dedicated stand.

Motionflow ™ XR keeps dynamic scenes smooth.

Experience fluidity and detail in even the most action-packed scenes with Motionflow ™ XR. This innovative technology creates and adds additional frames between the original video frames. A special algorithm compares the key components of the image in successive frames and calculates the missing phases of motion in the existing sequence. In addition, some models support black frame insertion for true cinematic quality and completely eliminate blur..

Voice search: tell me what you want to watch.

Spend less time searching for content, spend more time browsing. The voice search function in Android TV ™ allows you to use the powerful search capabilities of Google and find content offered by various services without the hassle and without the need for text input. You can also receive recommendations: for example, for the query “romantic comedy” you will be shown a list of options.

Chromecast: Play from Other Devices.

BRAVIA ™ TVs with Chromecast support let you stream content from popular services such as YouTube ™ and Netflix from your device to your big BRAVIA ™ screen. Content can be streamed from Android ™ and iOS ™ devices, as well as from laptops.

Google Play ™: endless variety of content and applications.

Discover movies, TV shows, games and more on Google Play ™. Experience a huge selection of apps in a new light on your TV.

DSEE technology reproduces digital music in every detail.

Low-resolution Internet videos, as well as recorded TV shows and compressed audio files, do not always have the desired sound quality. A lot of data is lost with digital audio compression. Digital Sound Enhancement Technology (DSEE) recovers frequencies lost during compression, especially high frequencies, for a natural sound and wider soundstage.

Smooth sound and balanced frequencies thanks to Clear Phase.

BRAVIA ™ TVs use a powerful algorithm to analyze and compensate for inaccuracies in sound reproduction through the TV speakers. It does this by creating a highly accurate graph of the frequency response of the loudspeaker. This information is sent back to the device and allows you to compensate for peaks or dips in the original frequency range of the speaker system, providing clear, natural and even sound over the entire frequency range..

Cinematic S-Force Front Surround.

Experience the full immersive experience of richly detailed soundstage. S-Force Front Surround technology simulates neural processes to create immersive, lifelike sound with delayed sound and a wide range of sound waves – this can be achieved with just the right and left sound channels. Emulates a natural sounding 3D sound field for a truly immersive surround sound experience without installing a full-fledged speaker system.

Turn your TV into a digital recorder: USB HDD REC.

Store your favorite TV programs on an external USB hard drive and watch them whenever you want. The USB HDD REC function allows one-touch and timer recording of digital broadcasting to any external hard drive with a USB port and memory capacity up to 2TB. While watching TV, simply press the REC button to start recording. It will automatically stop at the end of the program..

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