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Computer tables: 140 photos of modern models. A guide to choosing the perfect table design!

Computer tables: 140 photos of modern models. A guide to choosing the perfect table design!

Several decades ago, we had no idea what a computer is and what it looks like. And now, in the modern world with rapidly developing computer technologies, this tool for work is no longer possible without it. In order for the time spent at the computer to work for our benefit, we need to choose the appropriate computer desk.

Today there are a huge number of the most diverse models, so any computer owner can choose something to suit his taste. Going to the store at a computer desk, pay attention to its functional characteristics and configuration, which includes components in the form of shelves, drawers and stands.

Classic table.

The most common model for home and office space. A classic computer desk can be made by hand, it is simple in its design: it contains only a pull-out shelf for the keyboard and a compartment for the system unit.

Among the advantages of the model are its functionality and convenient use. The surface of the countertop is made of wood veneer and fits well with the surrounding interior.

Corner computer desk.

An excellent solution for rooms with a small area. This design takes up little space and copes with the task of placing all the necessary materials: folders, disks and stationery.

Choosing a small computer desk with a corner arrangement, you will not only save extra space, but also add functionality to a previously inconspicuous corner of the room.

Semicircular table.

If you are tired of standard rectangular furniture, then it’s time to make a choice in favor of a semicircular table. It organically fits into the surrounding interior, adding coziness and, at the same time, remaining a functional piece of furniture..

Modular table.

This is an option for those who want to independently organize their workspace. Computer tables with add-ons that can be placed as you wish, bring your design skills to life.

Even without having certain technical abilities, it is possible to create an original and functional interior..

Table transformer.

A model that allows you to transform space and combine several functions in one piece of furniture. The design of the transformer is such that it can be removed after completion of work.

When combining a table with a cabinet, the folding table top rises upward, turning into a closed cabinet door. This is an actual option when there is a lack of living space or inconsistent use of the PC. Adherents of minimalism will appreciate such a find at its true worth..

Computer desk with drawers and shelves.

The design of the model includes auxiliary components in the form of drawers and shelves. They act as an extension of the table body.

The many variations provide a chance to place all the work materials while maintaining an interesting look of the table. You can store important papers in drawers, and place photo frames or souvenirs on the shelves of your computer desk..

Table with cabinets and superstructure.

One of the variations of the model discussed above. The design additionally includes lockers and superstructures.

By design, there are canonical and stylized models with a variety of shapes and lines. Storage space in cupboards increases the functionality and usability of the table.

Tables with shelving.

A fairly functional and convenient option for an office space, when everything you need is at hand in the field of visual gaze.

The arrangement of the shelving extending upwards makes it possible to save space and place a lot of items.

Shelves are placed perpendicular to the table top, which should be taken into account when planning the future arrangement of furniture items, excluding overlapping light sources.

Computer desk for schoolchildren.

When choosing a computer desk for the home, directly for the student’s work at it, focus on the student’s preferences. The table should organically fit into the interior of the children’s room and make you want to do your homework.

You should not choose too bright and fancy designs that distract from your studies. Assess the availability of storage space for school textbooks, notebooks and various office supplies. Adjust the height of the desk according to the height of the child, who will spend significant time in a sitting position.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Computer Desk.

When choosing a computer desk, pay attention to various nuances, not dwelling only on its appearance.

designing models taking into account the correct position of the user at the table in order to form posture and preserve vision; convenient location of all items necessary for work at arm’s length; the presence of special compartments or shelves to accommodate the functional parts of the PC; a variety of models and configurations to save space; variety of materials for production: there are even glass computer tables.

in some models, the compartment for installing the system unit is made in the form of a dead box, which does not allow ventilation and cooling of the system; If several users of different heights are working at the computer, problems with posture may occur. In this case, install a height-adjustable chair.

Materials used in the manufacture.

The most affordable and versatile option is made of chipboard or MDF with veneer or plastic trim. Such materials are characterized by a variety of designs and colors. Buyers can access not only classic wood colors, but even a yellow, blue or white computer desk..

The disadvantages of such a material include its low moisture and heat resistance, as well as a predisposition to the occurrence of mechanical defects..

Tables made of natural wood have a representative appearance and harmoniously fit into the interior. Environmental safety of the material is one of its advantages. However, not every buyer can afford to purchase such an option due to its high cost..

Glass tables will become a highlight of any interior due to their stylish look. They are as environmentally friendly as wood. The glass surface must be carefully looked after, because the glass can be easily scratched or chipped. The countertop must be wiped regularly, as it leaves fingerprints on it and various dirt is visible.

Rules for selecting a quality table.

The choice of a table must be done with great care, since this piece of furniture is purchased for use for more than one year. In addition, he must find his own combination with the interior. Each table has a warranty period and technical documentation must be available.

In order not to spoil your health, you should select suitable table dimensions that will not harm your posture and vision. The optimum depth of the working area is at least 80 cm, and the height from floor to table top is about 70-80 cm.

The choice of tabletop size is determined by the needs of the computer user. If you need to complete writing assignments, purchase a larger table. Consider the availability of places for placing auxiliary equipment: printers, scanners, speakers, as well as wires.

Before purchasing a table, think about the items that should be placed on it. This way you can analyze which table design will be optimal..

Do not forget about targeting the area of ​​the room. Corner tables and transforming tables fit well into small spaces. For large spaces, you can also think about buying a semicircular version..

The choice of materials and manufacturer depends on how much you are willing to spend on purchasing a table..

The furniture market offers a wide selection of models of domestic and imported production in different price ranges..

If you cannot find the right option, you can view photos of computer tables in catalogs and use the services for the manufacture of custom-made furniture with individual sizes and the desired design..

Assembling the computer desk.

Assembly of the table does not require special skills and complex tools. Since assembly instructions are always included with the furniture, such a task is feasible not only for a man, but even a woman can do it..

In any case, you can always use the services of assemblers who will do their job efficiently and quickly..

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