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How to choose a vacuum cleaner: we help determine the criteria.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner: we help determine the criteria.

A fairly simple and familiar household appliance for a long time. — a vacuum cleaner — over the past decades, not only has evolved significantly, but also acquired a fairly large number of all kinds of species specializing in different tasks.

Despite the fact that all these devices continue to be called «vacuum cleaners», they divided among themselves different areas of work: some models are designed for professional cleaning of large areas and / or rooms in which renovation is being carried out. Others are best for cleaning a typical house or apartment. Still others specialize in cleaning small spaces quickly and comfortably..

Let’s figure out what modern vacuum cleaners are and for what work certain models are best suited. And at the same time we will mention what characteristics and features you need to pay attention to when choosing a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner ordinary, classic, traditional.

At the word «a vacuum cleaner» we traditionally represent a kind «pot-bellied» a device on wheels, which has a set of all kinds of hoses, tubes and nozzles.

Such a vacuum cleaner is primarily intended for cleaning dust, although sometimes it can also perform wet cleaning. A container, a bag, an aquafilter, or combinations of these options (for example, an aquafilter and a container) can act as a dust collector for these devices. The scope of such devices — cleaning of ordinary houses and apartments, as well as furniture processing (if technically feasible and special attachments are available).

When choosing a vacuum cleaner for your home, you need to pay attention to a number of factors that directly affect both the quality of cleaning and the convenience in everyday use of the device. Let’s list the main parameters that require special attention..

Size, dimensions and maneuverability. There are many vacuum cleaners of various sizes on the modern market. Of course, there is always a temptation to buy a vacuum cleaner. «more», however, this solution will not always be optimal. When choosing, it will be useful to check how easy it is for you to operate, pull and lift a particular vacuum cleaner. If possible, it would be nice to test the operation of the device on different surfaces. — carpets, hard floors, parquet, etc.. Finally, it does not hurt to study the instructions and find out what the developer says about his brainchild: often the manufacturer of vacuum cleaners indicates the recommended cleaning area with which this model will cope best. Dust collection system. Traditional vacuum cleaners collect dust and debris in a bag (disposable or reusable), in a container (using a so-called cyclone filter, in which dust is collected in lumps) or using an aquafilter — passing polluted air through the water. Some models allow the use of different dust collectors — an ordinary bag or cyclone filter, or, for example, a bag and an aquafilter. The fundamental difference between the various dust collection methods is how the device is to be maintained. So, the container will have to be regularly emptied by hand (which means the need for contact with dust), and if there is an aquafilter, the user will only need to pour out the dirty water. Finally, recall that, although disposable bags are convenient (they only need to be replaced when filling), they are consumables, and therefore, their use will entail additional expenses. Dust container volume. Different models are equipped with dust collectors of different capacities to suit the room size. The smaller the dust collector — the more often you will have to be distracted by emptying and cleaning it. Filtration system. To avoid small dust particles getting back into the air, fine cleaning systems are installed in modern vacuum cleaners. The best results are shown by models with aquafilters and HEPA filters (designed to filter especially fine particles). The presence of such filters — a prerequisite for a modern vacuum cleaner. Power. The power depends on how much «strong» there will be a vacuum cleaner. A low-power vacuum cleaner is also suitable for cleaning relatively clean rooms, but if there are pets or children in the house, then it is better to pay attention to more powerful models. Unfortunately, this parameter is not universal and obvious: it is far from always that a model with a higher power according to the passport will show the best result in real operation. Therefore, before choosing a vacuum cleaner, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with user reviews and model reviews on specialized technical Internet resources. Possibility of wet cleaning. Some models allow for wet cleaning (they are also called washing vacuum cleaners). Such devices, using a special nozzle, spray water (or detergent), after which they collect it in a special reservoir. The washing vacuum cleaner allows you not only to better clean the floor, but also to wash upholstered furniture, as well as clean carpets. Availability of accessories. Before choosing a vacuum cleaner, it will be useful to find out which set of nozzles is included in the kit. There can be quite a few of them: nozzles for floors and carpets, special nozzles for laminate flooring, crevice nozzles for cleaning hard-to-reach places, nozzles-brushes for furniture and clothes. There are even special attachments for grooming pet hair! Noise level . A vacuum cleaner — this is a noisy device, and too high a noise level can cause problems for households (especially in a small apartment). Therefore, if you assume that the noise of the vacuum cleaner may become an obstacle, then it is better to find out in advance how loudly the model you are interested in will make..

Household vacuum cleaner (aka construction)

A household, or construction vacuum cleaner, as a rule, is an enlarged and more powerful (and therefore — louder) version of the traditional vacuum cleaner, designed for increased loads and work with more «complicated» rubbish.

Note that almost none of the household vacuum cleaners should, according to the manufacturer, encounter repair waste. Such «inappropriate» using the device may cause premature wear of the vacuum cleaner or its components. Reusable filters are particularly affected by construction dust..

Construction vacuum cleaners, unlike household ones, are specially designed taking into account the fact that the remains of cement mixtures, large fractions (fragments of bricks and chips) will have to be removed. Many of these devices have the ability to directly connect to «littering» electric tools — jigsaws, grinders, hammer drills, etc.. P.

It is clear that in the first place when choosing such a device come «omnivorous» and power. Elegant appearance and reduced noise level are usually not expected in this case..

The capacity of the dust collector of a construction vacuum cleaner can be several tens of liters, and the device itself is almost always able to work with bags — both disposable and reusable.

While cleaning the water — usually not the most demanded function of a vacuum cleaner, the need for it periodically arises. With the help of a household vacuum cleaner, you can easily remove a puddle in front of the porch of a country house, collect water from the bathroom floor after a water pipe leak, remove melted snow from the floor of a car interior or water from a toilet siphon before removing it.

Such a device will come in handy if you are planning minor (or major) repairs in the apartment or are fond of all kinds of homemade products (for example, those related to wood processing). Such a vacuum cleaner is also recommended for summer cottages, workshops and garage..

Well, after the completion of the repair, the construction vacuum cleaner can easily begin to play the role of a household — of course, if you are ready to put up with its rather large dimensions and increased noise level.

Upright vacuum cleaner.

Vertical vacuum cleaners, which have become widespread in recent years, are in a fundamentally different category than traditional vacuum cleaners. If the latter are intended for complete and thorough cleaning of the entire apartment, then vertical vacuum cleaners rather act as an electric broom and are designed to clean not too dirty rooms. They are also used on a daily basis. — when you need to quickly clean up a small space (sand in the shoe storage area or spilled groats in the kitchen).

The main advantages of vertical vacuum cleaners — it is compact, lightweight and battery-powered. Key (possible) disadvantages — insufficient power, short battery life and poor design solutions.

So, what parameters you need to pay attention to when choosing a vertical vacuum cleaner?

Power. If traditional and household vacuum cleaners are rarely deprived of a powerful motor, and more often they even have a more powerful motor than required, then for compact cordless vacuum cleaners insufficient power can thus become «bottleneck», separating a useful device from a useless one. When choosing a vertical vacuum cleaner, you must definitely pay attention to the power of the device and make sure that it will be sufficient for cleaning the room. As with «large» models, it is not recommended to focus only on the figures declared by the manufacturer: the real performance of the device does not always correlate with them in the expected way. Battery capacity and runtime. But in this parameter, the manufacturer almost never cheats. Before buying an upright vacuum cleaner, be sure to find out how long it can work without recharging, as well as how long it will take to fully charge the battery. Of course, few rechargeable models are still capable of fully cleaning an apartment with an area of ​​one hundred square meters, but if you plan to buy a vertical vacuum cleaner for a studio apartment or «odnushku», it will be logical to opt for the model that can cope with cleaning the room in one go, without additional recharging. Weight . If you plan to use an upright vacuum cleaner for full, rather than short-term cleaning, then do not forget that all this time you will be holding it in your hands, and therefore, the device should not be too heavy. If the vacuum cleaner is purchased for occasional use, then the importance of this parameter is not so great..

Completion (presence of attachments). Like its older brothers, a good upright vacuum cleaner is not only equipped with a wide range of nozzles (here you can recall the turbo floor brush, and a special furniture brush, and a crevice nozzle, and textile cleaning brushes, and additional extension tubes), but it is also designed like this so that all these attachments can easily reach the most remote and hard-to-reach places, including the vacuum cleaner should be convenient to use under furniture and in narrow aisles. Possibility of wet cleaning. Despite the fact that the vast majority of vertical vacuum cleaners are designed only for cleaning dry dust, some models also allow the possibility of wet cleaning. This function is realized using a special nozzle for cleaning the floor. — a tank for a small amount of water and a cleaning cloth that is automatically moistened. Wet cleaning can be an excellent function: such a vacuum cleaner, of course, will not clean old and strong dirt (there are other devices for general cleaning — steam generators or steam mops), but combining daily sweeping with wet cleaning makes life much easier. The presence of backlight. Another useful feature that not every vertical vacuum cleaner has — This is an LED floor light. Such a trifle can significantly increase the comfort of using a vacuum cleaner: you do not have to specially shine a flashlight under the bed in order to consider how thoroughly the dirt has been removed. Dock station . Vertical vacuum cleaners are traditionally mounted on the wall using a special device that acts as a charging station. When choosing an upright vacuum cleaner, you need to make sure that the docking station can be easily mounted in the chosen place and will not interfere with other furniture..

Robot vacuum cleaners.

Unlike all of the above devices, robotic vacuum cleaners belong to a fundamentally different class of devices, although they perform the same task. — remove dirt and dust in the apartment.

The key feature of the robot vacuum cleaner is that it cleans the apartment on its own, without the direct involvement of the owner. We can say that such a device is intended for everyday cleanliness, and not for cleaning heavily polluted rooms..

The power of such a device will be significantly lower than that of other types of vacuum cleaners, but the efficiency of robotic vacuum cleaners is quite high. It is achieved due to the fact that the robot daily (or according to another convenient schedule) bypasses the room and collects small amounts of garbage and dust, which would slowly accumulate without his participation. It is unlikely that you will notice that the apartment has become significantly cleaner after one or two launches of the robot, but if you start using it regularly, then soon the changes will become obvious: there will be less dust under your feet, and general cleaning will need to be carried out less often..

Most robot vacuum cleaners are very similar to each other, they have the same (or similar) brushes and function according to the same principle. Therefore, the difference between different models may be far from obvious..

What characteristics should you pay attention to when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner??

Battery capacity and runtime. One of the key parameters on which the efficiency of the robot vacuum cleaner depends — these are battery capacity and battery life. The longer the vacuum cleaner works without recharging — the more area he can clean. Possibility of wet cleaning. Wet cleaning — It is far from the main function of robotic vacuum cleaners, but many of them are still equipped with a special container for water and rags for wet cleaning. Ability not only to automatically remove dust, but also to wipe the floor — a useful bonus (however, wet cleaning will require the personal participation of the owner). Availability of various programs and firmware. The efficiency of the robot vacuum cleaner largely depends on how much «smart» will turn out to be a device. Many models know how to build a map of the room, which increases the efficiency of cleaning, others just wander around the apartment, turning in different directions when they meet obstacles. Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict how effective this or that model will be based on its description: we came across both relatively simple models that showed good results, and «smart» devices that, in an attempt to build a map of the premises, were completely confused and, as a result, left uncleaned areas. Thus, the best way to learn about the merits and demerits of a particular model — it is to study reviews on profile sites and read user reviews. In the same section, we will mention such things as the ability of the vacuum cleaner to adequately respond to obstacles (thresholds and steps), as well as the ability to install special barriers (usually IR emitters) that block the passage of the vacuum cleaner to areas where it should not go. Remote control and management from a smartphone. The vast majority of robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with a remote control, and most «advanced» devices can be connected to a home Wi-Fi network and controlled from a mobile application, so you can give commands to the robot literally from anywhere in the world. Schedule setup. Almost all robotic vacuum cleaners have a cleaning schedule setting, but not all models have it successfully implemented. Since many users prefer that the robot be in charge of the apartment in the absence of the owners themselves, the ability to easily and easily set up the cleaning schedule is, in our opinion, one of the key functions that you need to pay attention to. A good robot vacuum cleaner will allow you to create several scenarios at once for cleaning on weekdays, on weekends or on selected days of the week, which will allow the owner not to return to this issue after the initial setup.

Note that today on the market for robotic vacuum cleaners there are many similar models that demonstrate very different cleaning quality (the reason for this — different levels of firmware quality). In addition, many models turn out to be frankly inconvenient to control (for example, they do not allow setting a schedule for selected days) or they are poorly oriented in the room (they start «get confused» between the legs of the furniture and, as a result, do not clean some of the rooms). Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find out how successful this or that model will turn out to be in reality, having studied only its documentation and advertising materials..

Specialized vacuum cleaners.

In addition to the vacuum cleaners described above, you can find highly specialized devices designed to perform some special tasks..

This includes car vacuum cleaners, as well as specific models designed, for example, for the care of mattresses (one such device came to us for testing some time ago).

There are also special vacuum cleaners to combat dust mites, vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning (extractors), vacuum cleaners for servicing swimming pools, compact hand-held vacuum cleaners for the care of computers and household appliances, professional vacuum cleaners designed to work with power tools, and other specific models, which should be considered in within the framework of this review, we will not.

However, it is worth mentioning their existence: what if someone needs just such a special device!


There are four main types of devices in the modern vacuum cleaner market: conventional (traditional) vacuum cleaners, household vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuum cleaners and robotic vacuum cleaners.

All of them are widely used in apartments and private houses, but each of these categories of devices has its own «specialization» (although, of course, in part all of them can replace each other in case of urgent need).

The choice of the most suitable type of vacuum cleaner and a specific model is primarily determined by the tasks that are supposed to be solved with the help of the device: a traditional vacuum cleaner is better suited for daily cleaning of the apartment, in case of repairs, one cannot do without an economic (industrial) device, and if the user is faced with the task of spending on cleaning the house as little time as possible, then the main assistant in this matter will be a robot vacuum cleaner.

Note that various types of these devices do not replace (or, at least, do not completely replace) each other, and therefore, the optimal solution in many cases would be to buy two vacuum cleaners at once. For example, for a private house, it makes sense to purchase a large household vacuum cleaner for quick and efficient cleaning of large areas, and in addition to it — Robot vacuum cleaner for daily fight against dust and pet hair.

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