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Joystick for Sony Playstation 3: a proven classic.

Joystick for Sony Playstation 3: a proven classic.

Despite the release of the new Sony Playstation 4 gaming system, the previous generation console from the Japanese company is still in enviable demand. Games are released on it, network services are overflowing with players. And the joystick itself for PS3 is still convenient and multifunctional. It can be considered one of the best specimens in the gaming industry, as it incorporates:

Stylish and practical design; Ergonomics; Ease of use; Versatility.

If you decide to purchase a Playstation 3 game console to enjoy the sensational exclusives, then the system controller will give you tons of fun gaming hours. And you will definitely want to buy a joystick for PS3 to play racing, shooters and fighting games with friends. By the way, the gamepads themselves, as well as accessories for the Playstation 3, you can purchase in our online store. «Savela game». But why is this controller so attractive? Let’s figure it out.

Playstation 3 and joystick: a new word.

With the release of the PS3 in 2006, Sony introduced a new controller model called the Dual Shock 3. It was the first wireless gamepad in the Japanese company’s line of consoles. The first controller model for PS3 did not have vibration, but later the corporation quickly resolved this issue, and all subsequent copies were practically no different from the current ones. Despite interesting innovations (gyroscope, accelerometer, wireless communication), the external joystick for the Sony Playstation 3 practically did not differ from the Dual Shock 2 of the PS2 system: about the same dimensions, the same keys and their location. This allowed players to quickly adapt to the new game console and its controller..

Joystick for PS3 Sony: gaming options.

The engineers of the Japanese company have seriously worked on the design and functionality of the device. The result was a PlayStation 3 joystick with many features that are still used today. Distinctive elements include the following:

Gyroscope and accelerometer, which determine the position and direction of movement of the controller in the air. This innovation is widely used to control a character or game elements; Rear analog triggers or shifters. Their design is made in such a way that the force of pressing affects the action of the character or technique. For example, in races, using a Sony PS3 gamepad, you can change the speed of the car; 4 indicator lights at the end. They show the order of the connected gamepads (if you are playing with a company), and also indicate a low battery or the device is charging..

Joystick for Sony Playstation 3: color variety.

The PS3 hit the market almost 10 years ago. And during this time, many controller models have appeared for this gaming system. Today you can easily purchase a joystick for PS3 at a bargain price:

White; Of blue color; Pink colour; Silver color, etc..

In specialized stores that sell accessories for the Playstation 3, you can also find stickers for controllers depicting characters from various games. This way, every player can get their hands on an original and beautiful PS3 gamepad..

Joystick versatility.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Playstation 3 controller is its versatility. As a rule, game controllers can only be used in conjunction with the system for which they are intended, right? But in our case, everything is different. The Sony Playstation 3 wireless controller works with Bluetooth technology. This means that using a special USB receiver (or built-in module), you can connect the joystick to:

Phone; Tablet; Game console for Android; Computer.

An alternative is to connect using a USB cable with a Mini-USB port. Thus, you can buy a PlayStation 3 joystick without even having your own console to play a variety of games on your computer or smartphone. Tempting?

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