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Mow, scythe! Choosing the best lawnmower: an independent investigation.

Mow, scythe! Choosing the best lawnmower: an independent investigation.

A well-groomed cottage is, first of all, a well-groomed lawn. Of course, you can take a hand scythe and mow all the grass clean, but without special dexterity, you shouldn’t even take this adventure. Even an experienced mower will require a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, we are living in a period of progress, when many manufacturers offer comfortable, mobile and efficient lawn mowers that do not require special skills. You just need to choose the right one.

Rating Name Characteristics Price 1 Elitech ЕК 1000Н The best budget lawn mower 5 399 Р 2 Makita PLM4628N The best petrol model 26 623 Р 3 Bosch ARM 37 The best electric model 8 680 Р 4 GreenWorks G40LM45K4 The best battery model 12 990 Р 5 Husqvarna 540 Novolette The best mechanical model 36 990 RUB.

Types of lawn mowers.

All well-known brands produce two types of lawn mowers:

When choosing a lawn mower, experts recommend, first of all, to rely on the goals set, the size of the site itself and the grass growing on it, in order to assess the capabilities of the equipment. Indeed, on the site there may be slopes or hills, tile paths and much more, which requires a special approach. Therefore, it is better to select the optimal type of mower for each site..

There are the following types of lawn mowers:

manual trimmer; petrol cutter; brushcutter; scythe of a mechanical type; self-propelled mower.

Today, on the market for garden equipment, you can find many models made in France, Germany and Italy. It is the manufacturers of these countries that set the main vector for the development of garden equipment..

Which lawn mower is better?

When choosing between a gasoline and an electric mower, you need to take into account the quality of the site and the distance from the mains. If the plot is small (up to 15 sq.m.), it is better to pay attention to electrical models. If the plot is large (more than 50 square meters) with trees and paths that will interfere with the movement of equipment with an electric cord, it is better to purchase a mower that runs on gasoline or batteries. Of course, the most popular with a small amount of work are now battery mowers of the “loaded and done” format. Modern mowers run smoothly for about 60-80 minutes. During this time, you can easily process 5-6 acres.

When choosing the best lawn mower, you need to pay attention to factors such as:

Volume and material of the collection of herbs. The grass catcher can be made of plastic, fabric or a combination type. The fabric is lighter, and the plastic is easier to clean: you can wash it at any time and work on. The grass-catcher limit in domestic mower models is no more than 40 liters. It should be borne in mind that the weight of the equipment with a full tank increases significantly. A type. Gasoline or electric models are selected depending on the quality of the vegetation (soft or hard grass) and its volume: the former are usually more powerful, the latter are more convenient. Power. The power of the motor affects the cutting speed, the length of the continuous operation and how much thick grass the mower can handle. Weight. The indicator is relevant when a large mower area needs to be carried from place to place. In any case, there are no completely weightless lawn mowers. Ease of use. Depends on the quality of the mower control, handle height and other ergonomics. For example, there are models in which the handle can be adjusted for height. An important factor is the smoothness of the ride, which depends on the quality of the wheels. On budget models, bronze bushings are usually installed; on more expensive models, needle-type bearings are found. Additional functions. For example, the availability of a mulch kit for fertilizing the lawn with chopped freshly cut grass or side discharge.

Rating of the best lawn mowers – TOP products.

Rating section by types of lawn mowers.

Best Budget Lawn Mowers.

Elitech EK 1000H.

The electric lawnmower has a standard grass grip of 32 cm, which allows you to quickly deal with a small area. The model is designed for cutting grass of low to medium hardness. The handle has tilt adjustment, which is very convenient to adjust to the required height of the user. According to the majority of users, the mower does not correspond to the declared technical characteristics a little, since the additional mulching function does not cope with its duties: the grass is simply dumped not chopped through a special compartment. Why the manufacturer called this function mulching is not clear.

Patriot PT 1232.

(Hungary, about 5000 rubles) – an electric-type mower, quite compact and easy to use. The model is designed for small lawns without slopes and hills. The device has a wide adjustment of the cutting height of the grass from 26 to 56 mm. Differs in good maneuverability and performance. Compact size and low weight (11 kg) allow it to be transported or carried without much effort. The disadvantages include only the difficulty in mowing hard varieties of grass. Overall a great model.

The best gasoline lawn mowers.

Makita PLM4628N.

Powerful self-propelled petrol-type mower for caring for large areas up to 1400 sq. M. The model is equipped with an adjustable handle with a three-stage system. The body is made of durable steel with additional side discharge. The mulching function does an excellent job with the task. The grass catcher is easy to attach and remove. According to users, the model is not bad, but most likely it is suitable for more professional purposes, and not for home use..

Huter GLM-4.0.

(China, about 15,000 rubles) – a petrol mower with a powerful engine and a mowing width of 46 cm with a grass-catcher volume of 60 liters. The model is professional and designed for processing a large area. According to users, it copes even with very neglected areas, which indicates high power and performance. Despite the fact that there are authorized brand centers in Russia, it is difficult to find the necessary spare parts, so they must be ordered directly from China and wait a long time.

Best Electric Lawn Mowers.

Bosch ARM 37.

Electric lawnmower, designed to care for a small area without slopes and hills. It has a wide adjustment of grass cutting from 20 to 70 cm. The low weight of the mower ensures easy transportation. The model is very good for small lawns. Among the shortcomings, users note the thin plastic of the case and a small backlash in the wheels. Also a slim grass catcher that is only suitable for clean lawn grass. Despite the presence of minor flaws, the model is in great demand among owners of summer cottages and private houses..

Interskol GKE-40/1200.

Electric type mower, designed for processing a small area. There is a mulching mode, which is convenient for additional fertilization of the soil. The model is very easy to assemble and does not require any special skills. A fairly compact mower that is easy to transport or carry to another site. Safe in operation, as it has special fuses against overheating and other unforeseen circumstances.

Best cordless lawn mowers.

GreenWorks G40LM45K4.

The mower is of the battery type, comparable in power to petrol models. It has the function of mulching and lateral discharge of grass. Advanced functionality allows you to use the equipment for both home and professional purposes. One battery charge is enough to process 600 sq.m. territory. There are no particular complaints about the build quality, so most owners note very reliable and convenient use.

Makita DLM380Z.

A versatile battery-type mower designed for small-sized maintenance. Easily handles areas up to 500 sq.m. on a single charge, but only if the grass is soft and clean. The mower will not be able to cope with clogged areas due to lack of power. When choosing this model, it must be borne in mind that the battery and charger must be purchased separately. Users note the smooth running of the equipment and ease of operation, which is also an important indicator..

Best Power Lawn Mower.

Husqvarna 540 Novolette.

The manual lawnmower is mechanical type, convenient to use. Requires absolutely no resources other than physical strength. The grass is ejected to the side. Rubberized grip reduces hand vibration. The design has heavy-duty knives (as claimed by the manufacturer). In general, the model is very good, it really copes with different types of grasses, including durable ones, but it can only work fully on a flat area. If there are even small slopes or hillocks, she does not cope with her duties, it becomes very difficult to manage her. In addition, when it hits the length of the grass, it winds up on the shaft. For home use only on a level surface without special weeds.

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