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Multi-seater sections are triple.

Multi-seat sections triple.

The three-seater sections of the chairs, which have a strong supporting structure, fit perfectly into the interior of any room, and also have comfortable and durable seats, which provide pleasant relaxation while sitting. The 3-seater section of chairs combines not only practicality and convenience, but also resistance to wear.

It is unpretentious in maintenance, easy to clean, and can also be made in various styles – both from the constructive side and the artistic side. In our online store you can familiarize yourself with the catalog of sectional furniture, the cost of which is one of the most democratic in Moscow.

The advantages of sectional furniture.

The main advantage of such furniture is the reliability of the supporting supports and materials. The three-section chair for the most part has a metal frame made of durable steel.

Considering that welding methods of connection are used in the assembly process of such chairs, the three-seater section is provided with another advantage – it must be disassembled.

This means that it is easy to transport and store. Thanks to the metal frame, the 3-seater sectional chairs can withstand heavy loads, but they themselves are lightweight. They include 2 longitudinal tubes up to 70 mm in diameter, to which the seats are attached. The horizontal tubes of the sections are connected to pairs of metal support “legs”, on which special plastic plugs are put on.

Such plugs are provided for dislocation of the three-seater section from room to room, and also protect the floor covering from scratches. Chair covers can be purchased separately if required.

Manufacturing materials.

Chairs 3-section have a back, which consists mainly of high quality plywood. The upholstery of the sections from the inside consists of foam rubber, and from the outside it can be sheathed with artificial or natural leather, or decoratively decorated.

As for the colors of the sections, in this matter, manufacturers offer customers a wide variety of shades – from neutral to flashy. The three-seater sectional chair has a soft comfortable seat, and its back is at an optimal slope. Based on this, even the longest waiting time spent on such a chair will not contribute to the curvature of the spine..

3-seater sections are mandatory covered with powder-polymer protection, which prevents the appearance of corrosion on the external supports.

The method of such staining is somewhat different from the classical one, since it involves the use of a thermally formed substance on the metal. Although the sections for the waiting areas are vulnerable to external damage, their advantages still prevail: they are environmentally friendly, anti-allergenic and are quite inexpensive. Chairs – three-seater sections are an excellent option for arranging any public or work space.

Section of chairs 3-seater: types where it is applied.

Three-seater sections of chairs are widely used in medical and educational institutions. This is due to the fact that it does not take up too much space, therefore, it looks good in narrow corridors. Some sections have a stiffer seat, but this does not affect the seating comfort in the least..

Sometimes multi-seat furniture is present in offices and reception points, therefore, there is a separate type of such furniture – office furniture. Such sectional chairs have a more austere look and are mostly upholstered in a plain fabric of an inconspicuous color..

If you want to buy multi-seat sections, please contact our online store. Our experts will advise you on all issues of interest and help you organize timely delivery to anywhere in the city..

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