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Oriflame creams – reviews.

Oriflame creams – reviews.

I got this cream from the Love Natur series of the Oriflame brand as a gift and, to be honest, I was very happy with it at first. At work, I have to travel to other cities at least once a week, and of course I wish that the travel bag was not bulky. I expected to take him with me just on trips.

The cream withstood the first two trips quite well. Due to the small volume, it did not take up much space in the bag, its lid is quite tight and I was not afraid that some of the cream would end up inside my bag. The first thing I noticed when opening the jar for the first use is the pleasant smell of the cream. It smells of something a little floral, but the smell is light, unobtrusive.

During the first and second use, my skin reacted well to it, there was no redness, irritation, the cream was quickly absorbed into the skin. But the third time it caused me a slight irritation and slight redness, there were sensations that the cream was absorbed hard, my face was sticky. I tried using it again, the effect was the same. I decided not to experiment with the skin anymore and gave this cream to my husband, his skin is not sensitive, so it was not important for him what to use..

As a result, I will say that probably my acquaintance with Oriflame brand creams is over here, because I don’t really want to injure the skin. Since even despite the loud name of the series of lavas Natures, there is no natural in its composition, in my opinion..

After the unsuccessful use of creams “Ecollagen wrinkle cjrrecting day cream SPF 15”, “Aqua-rythm Intense Hidration Youth Preserve” (night) and another “nourishing mask”, I concluded that it was better not to take “Oriflame” cream. In the description of the cream “Ecollagen” it is stated that it “pushes” wrinkles from the inside. Yeah, she pushes it out, and she turns up in another, unexpected place for you, next to you. So I did it with a nasolabial wrinkle. The burning sensation after application is palpable, the skin turns red and swells. I do not know what kind of chemistry manufacturers are pushing there, but the cosmetics are disgusting. To those who will answer me that everything was fine with them (my skin is bad), I will say that in this case it is necessary to indicate on the tubes, as to honest manufacturers: “for such and such skin.” In general, cosmetics should not harm any type of skin. I turned to the distributor – “director”))))) with a question about the composition, why such a reaction; the answer was quite predictable: “I hear it for the first time.” She chirped this phrase to me all the time of the conversation. In general, I put “Oriflame” solid “2”.

I bought a night cream – gel for mixed / oily skin (such a green transparent jar) Optimals – so the whole face was covered with red spots, the skin became somehow dirty, greasy as if it hadn’t been washed for two weeks – I threw it out, I used the Incredible Effect eye cream half and also the eyelids turned red, combed – threw it out. But I use the scrub “Swedish Spa” – I like the gel for washing, too, nothing – so how you get there, but I think there is such garbage everywhere in any brand.

Review: Face Cream Oriflame “Active Oxygen” – I once again did not like Oriflame!

I have sensitive, dry skin and I approach the choice of cream carefully. The consultant convinced me that this is a very good cream and will definitely suit me. Everything turned out the other way around, after the first application, she began to feel a tingling sensation, and for another three days she treated red spots on her face. Buy samples first.

girls, and here I took a sample of the face cream, I don’t remember the name (I threw it out), it had a very very strong smell, and I smeared my hands with it, and I forgot, of course, my eye was combed and I scratched, I see it got into the eye, in the morning my eye became like a signor tomato, tears flowed, the presence of something in the eye, itched and ached, in short, I tied an oriflame. I’m afraid to remember .

I was also “lucky” to use the Oriflame cream with elastin and ecollogen. I smeared for a month, took a break and was horrified – the skin was like brown parchment, greasy, the usual cream was not absorbed, it just lay on the dead skin with a greasy layer. I started making my own creams based on base oils and essential oils. Almost restored both color and elasticity. BUT, one morning, going to work, I felt a very severe pain in my face – in 5 minutes my face pulled from my temples to my mouth. Moreover, the rum was painful to open. When I looked in the mirror, I was horrified! The mouth was pulled together like a pouch and wrinkles appeared on the upper lip, and it still did not open completely, a tablespoon could hardly crawl through. I did stretching exercises for a long time, but this disgrace still remains. I struggle.

since 2008. From Oriflame, I only prefer mascara and that’s it. Fear this makeup, have pity on your faces.

Oriflame somehow does not inspire me, somehow I had some kind of gel. I don’t even remember the name. but they gave it to me. I didn’t buy it myself. Many of my girlfriends do part-time jobs there, but I don’t buy anything. Once I bought oriflame cream for blackheads, it was a long time ago. about ten years ago, and that case somehow turned me away and discouraged me from trying something else. I used this cream a couple of times and one day I found red spots on my face, huge, I was shocked, because I never had an allergy to anything, but here it is. In general, now I do not dare to try anything from their cosmetics..

Disadvantages: – expensive, completely useless product.

Introduction. I am 26. Dry skin and peel off constantly. Plus, a small pigment spot on the chin is becoming brighter and brighter. Sadness-misfortune Sad Tired of me to sort out Avon creams, I decided to pick up a moisturizer from my respected Oriflame firm. (Apparently, I respected her, because the prices are higher there).

I rummaged through the entire catalog and here it is – my darling! A moisturizer, and even with sunscreen, and even whitening! I bought it. Now it costs 299 rubles in the catalog.

The cream has a pleasant aroma, this is its only plus.

Now the cons. When applied to the face of the cream – the face turns into a fat pancake. The spf filter is probably the very particles resembling mother of pearl that reflect the sun’s rays from the face and give the face a shine and oily shine))) In the photo, the left hand is smeared with cream, and the left is not.

If you use this cream as a foundation for a foundation, then it’s just super, then nothing will work. The moisturizer starts to roll wildly o_O And you can go to wash.

The composition on the jar itself is not written. The box and instructions have long been thrown away.

Verdict: I used it a little – now it’s lying around. From dry flaky skin, he did not help not a drop. For this price, you can find something much more decent. Do not recommend.

Advantages: convenient dispenser.

I don’t like Oriflame. There was a time when I used their products and even liked something – such as good eye shadow and lipstick. I tried the creams, but somehow I was not impressed. And then the toner ran out, a new bottle was urgently needed, and then it so happened that they offered me to try a tonalochka-fluid from Oriflame. I thought? “Why not? What if?”

Nice bottle with a dispenser, UV protection as much as 30! “Not bad for the summer” – I thought)

How wrong I was!

Fluid, as far as I know, is something super-light and airy, but for some reason the local fluid turned out to be completely different. The consistency is very thick and unpleasant, even on top of the cream it is distributed with difficulty, leaving the feeling of a mask on the face.

I have dry skin, but even under this cream it starts to shine for dinner. The sensations are such that you just want to urgently wash, wash off this “Swedish miracle”.

In general, I decided not to experiment anymore. Therefore, next time I will never go to a glossy catalog with pictures, but go to the store and buy what I trust. And I advise you.

Recently I bought a protective cream for hands and nails “Gentle Velvet” from Oriflame (2 in 1 Prot ecting Hand & Nail Cream ”(2 in 1 Protecting Hand and Nail Cream)). I was very disappointed: the cream is absolutely not absorbed into the skin, after application, hands remain slippery and wet. Even after you somehow manage to rub the cream into your hands, the promised softening and moisturizing of the skin is not observed. So, I did not see the effect of this cream. I think I wasted my money.

Well-groomed hands are very important for every woman. Daily household work is a strain on the skin of the hands. Having bought a cream, you hope, if not for an instant effect, then at least for a comfortable feeling. ORIFLAME cream (nature secrets) did not live up to expectations at all. It is poorly absorbed, the smell is not pleasant, the skin tightens, sticks, after that you want to wash your hands again.

Neutral reviews.

Oriflame is difficult to buy, so it turns out that my friends give me this product. Smile This time I tried a strange product – not a cream, not a tonic, not milk, but a “fluid”. I will tell you my ambiguous impressions in the review.

The packaging of the fluid is good in size – it is convenient to take with you, small and compact. The dispenser is terrible, because it is not clear how to measure how much is needed. The fluid itself is liquid, so how much it pours out – use as much.

Face cream Oriflame Day fluid “Cucumber and a series” photo.

The strangest thing happens when the fluid comes to an end – the packaging is rigid, so the fluid does not pour out from pressing, and if you turn the jar over and shake it, a lot is poured out at once. But I didn’t bother and just threw out the packaging. And sat down to write a review Smile.

The fluid has no smell, so if you expected to smell a cucumber, you may be disappointed.

The fluid acts strangely – it seems to moisturize, but after about half an hour you want to moisturize the skin normally. The product ran out – and I still didn’t understand whether it was needed at all or not. It does not interfere so much, does not strain and does not upset that I can not even name its shortcomings;).

I will definitely not buy it, but I will think about whether to advise my friends. if I find pluses;).

One of the first Oriflame products that I tried was liftexpert cream. Recommended for women over 40 years of age. Promises the effect of restoring the contours of the face (yyy), intended for skin that has lost its elasticity. I bought it not because my face was completely blurred, but I just wanted it. Liftexpert cream, which is in the photo below, is night. It was quite expensive, I don’t remember exactly, but more than 100 UAH. I’ve already used the whole thing. My impression is that the cream itself is not too greasy, this is his.

a plus. I don’t like fatty ones. Its structure is pleasant, opaque milky-starchy color. Probably gave elasticity, I don’t remember any more, it ended quickly, which means that I liked to use it. But I won’t buy it anymore, because it was initially too expensive, the effect achieved did not justify the cost. Although I can’t say anything more bad about him. It is pleasant to the touch, does not roll when rubbed in – it is absorbed well, the skin really looks elastic.

Neither bad nor good.

Large volume, pleasant smell, does not cause allergies.

The smell is very strong, not very moisturizing.

This cream was presented to me by a friend for the new year. She worked as a consultant for Oriflame, so she always gave one of their products, although I don’t really like the cosmetics of the Swedish campaign. But about this cream, in principle, I can not say anything bad. First of all, I was pleased with the volume of the jar, as much as 250 ml, it lasted a very long time, I used it every time after a shower. The smell is too strong, too sweet, it’s good that I used it at night, otherwise it would probably mix with the scent of perfume during the day, but I prefer fresh ones. The fact that it is super moisturizing or nourishing, I would not say. In this regard, it is rather mediocre. Does not cause allergies and irritations, which in itself is good.

In general, they do not look a gift horse in the mouth and I certainly used the cream, but I would never have ordered it myself.

Oriflame face creams Ecollagen – day and night, anti-wrinkle 11 July 2014.

You won’t surprise anyone with stylish packages now, the “filling” would be pleasant and useful. This is me about face creams. Once I heard the opinion of a famous doctor that the main thing in a cream is not the price, but the regularity of its use. Therefore, sometimes I “dabble” in “catalog” cosmetics, for example, from the “Oriflame” company. Last purchase – a pair of anti-wrinkle creams “Ecollagen”.

My age is 30+, there are no strong wrinkles yet, but mimic ones begin to hatch, especially on the forehead and in the corners of the mouth. I decided to play it safe. At Oriflame, this “couple” is considered a novelty. The manufacturer positions them as a “revolutionary innovation”, and in the annotation indicates that plant stem cells were used in the production. So I bought into a tempting promise.

I use it for a month and a half. There was a deep wrinkle on the forehead, and it remained, and the mimic ones did not disappear. And in the daytime there is already half of the bottle. But what I liked was the light texture of the day cream, hence its quick absorption and the feeling that the skin is hydrated. The cream is “worn” comfortably, no irritation, neither internal nor external.

In the night cream, I liked its denser texture (as a night cream should be), there is no stickiness and grease. The smell is subtle, but pleasant enough for both products..

At home, the jars look good on the shelf, but it is hardly convenient to take on the road, since they are bulky, albeit 50 ml each (depending on which cosmetic bag). Of course, I will use them to the end, but so far my doubts about their main target direction – to eliminate wrinkles – do not leave me. But at least they do well with moisturizing, in bad weather the skin does not weather, despite its light texture. I recommend it to those who have skin without any special wrinkles, just beginners, shallow. Or use something else additionally.

Positive reviews.

I use the Swedish SPA Salon hand and nail cream, I really like it. And in any weather it is good. Especially after prolonged exposure to water (for example, when washing or washing dishes) instantly moisturizes the skin. I advise everyone to try it. The rest of this series is just as great.!

An incredible effect on the skin around the eyes, it helps, the wrinkles have decreased (I must add, I don’t see well, I sometimes have to squint), the “bruises” have disappeared, and I always have them, now they appear only after a party, in the morning. I use it 2 times stably, in the morning and in the evening, by the way, the eyelids do not swell, as from some other brands. In general, I’m happy. But from mimic wrinkles it feels like this is oil, not a cream, but the result is not bad if you are satisfied with it in an hour with a tonic.!

Review: Face Cream Oriflame “Active Oxygen” – very soft cream.

soft, gentle and rejuvenating cream.

there may be allergic reactions to the components that make up the cream.

Hello dear girls, I want to tell you about the face cream Oriflame Active Oxygen. In short, the cream is super, the quality is excellent. The cream gently cleanses the skin from acne, eliminates acne and harmful effects on the skin! I am very grateful to my friend for the advice to take this cream as it is suitable for sensitive skin. The cream also has a rejuvenating effect. Every girl who loves and respects herself must definitely purchase this cream and take care of herself as this is the most important and very first thing a girl should have. Personally, I am happy with the choice, and since I have sensitive skin, he helped me get rid of unpleasant burning sensations. I advise you to take you will not regret it.

in the summer I took a cream from the Essentials series, this is a large yellow jar. With vitamin E., it seems like a summer cream, but now I switched to it again as it suits most. after washing, the skin tightens strongly, and you will anoint it, it becomes tender and tender. And in the morning the complexion is good. And the tanalniks are also not bad)

a wide range of products to wait a long time for an order.

I have had these products for a long time. Maybe I don’t like it a little, but I still buy her products every time. Of course, they are immediately attracted by rather low prices. I tried a face cream that I really liked. Then I noticed that most of the products have the same smell, which made me happy. The packaging is also good, but not in all cases. And now I will note about the nourishing macadamia face cream from Oriflame. Reviews have responded many times about it, and I decided to buy. It has a good texture, the skin is pleasant after use. I use it to this day, I don’t want to change it.

How difficult it is to find the right face cream when your girlfriend is allergic! That only I have not tried. In the end, she absolutely did not use creams! Once I came across Oriflame Pure Nature cream “Pomegranate and acai berry” At first I was attracted by a subtle scent and a delicate pink color. I tried it! About a miracle! No allergies! The cream turned out to be the most suitable for me and now Oriflame Pure Nature “Pomegranate and acai berry” both day and night is always with me! Soft texture, perfectly absorbed and moisturized, is not afraid of wind and protects the skin from the natural influences of the weather.

Review of Milk Hand and Body Cream & Honey Gold by Oriflame.

Milk hand and body cream & Honey Gold by Oriflame.

Cream with a pleasant aroma.

pleasant aroma affordable price.

I love this cream! Especially in winter, when the skin is dry, frostbite or simply flakes off from the constant use of chlorinated water in the shower or pool. I ordered it from the beauty consultant of the Oriflame company because of the affordable price and it was right. The cream has a thick, rich consistency, is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin, does not leave greasy marks on clothes, has a pleasant aroma of milk and honey, which gently caresses the scent. It contains natural plant extracts and in the entire history of its use by me, my friends and relatives, I have never heard of any irritations or allergic reactions. This cream is suitable for skin of all ages, as my mother and I use it with pleasure..

I want to tell you about Oriflame face cream, which, in my opinion, can be considered universal. It is suitable for all ages and for all skin types. This is Active Oxygen face cream. The cream is light, it needs to be applied very slightly, like other Oriflame creams (they have good spreading and are applied in small quantities). The cream can be used both day and night..

The Active Oxygen cream is well absorbed, does not leave a film on the face, and what is very important – it does not roll off the face! If you have oily skin, then a slight shine on your face after applying the cream may remain. But this is not fatal! The cream really evens out the complexion. And even after applying the cream, you can mix a small amount of foundation with Active Oxygen cream – (in proportion – 1 part of foundation, 3 parts of active oxygen) and apply on the face as a light toning agent. The complexion will be very good! And the foundation will be completely invisible!

The Active Oxygen Eye Cream is also very good. Lightweight, well absorbed. Does not sting the eyes (if applied correctly, along the bone of the eye socket).

These creams do not cause any discomfort when applied..

Only a feeling of hydration and skin care.

I liked Oriflame Optimals Oxygen Boost Cream. I don’t believe that the cream enriches the skin with oxygen, but I don’t need it. Oxygen from the word sour, hence the oxidation,

aging, so I wouldn’t buy for that. It’s just a good day cream that, with constant use, gives the skin a well-groomed look. The cream has a low odor, pleasant texture, is well absorbed, does not cause irritation, does not roll, but does not remove pimples either. I don’t have them, my friend has them. She also bought this cream, and so the pimples did not disappear, but due to the general grooming of the face, they somehow became not so noticeable or something.

It moisturizes the skin very well, the price is excellent.

Hello. Some time ago I bought a new cream for the face Oreflame Love Nature “Raspberry”. The first impression is a box: very bright and small. Opening the lid, you immediately feel the aroma of gently raspberry and mint. The cream itself is very airy in its consistency, you just want to eat it. Suitable for normal to oily skin, very well applied to the skin and absorbed quickly. The cream absorbs very well and the skin of the face becomes soft, tender and airy. Does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergic reactions, only if there is no allergy to raspberries and mint. The cream mousse lasts for quite a long time, when you open the lid there is a protective film that does not allow any other substances to get into the contents of the jar.

I am very happy with my new purchase.

Quality speaks for itself.

About 6-7 months ago I decided to try ORIFLAME day cream for myself, namely Diamond Cellular cream. Of course, it is recommended to use this cream in combination (night, day, eyelid and lotion). The above cream is, as I indicated earlier, a day cream and is used for the face as a rejuvenating cream. The effect is noticed within a few weeks after application. The skin becomes more visibly taut, has moisturizing and smoothing properties. But to be honest, like any high-quality cosmetics, this cream is not a cheap pleasure. But in general, I am very pleased with this product and I recommend you dear ladies.

General impression: Satisfied with the quality of this product !

Oriflame Optimals Day Face Cream for Oily Skin – One of the company’s favorite products.

The price has gone up a lot.

Using Oriflame cosmetics for a very long time. For many years I have tried almost all creams for oily skin and I want to say that I like this cream more than anyone else. The only big drawback is that Oriflame cosmetics have become very expensive in Ukraine lately! Previously, I could afford to buy this entire series, now I buy only this cream. I’ll tell you more about it: the cream has a wonderful fresh smell, absorbs very quickly and is quite economical, since it is enough to apply a small amount of it and rub in. I like the packaging very much – the cream is stored in a glass jar. I recommend this cream to anyone with oily skin..

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