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Plastic wardrobes for the balcony.

Plastic wardrobes for the balcony.

How to choose a plastic cabinet for a balcony, an overview of models.

Balconies are considered to be areas rarely used by property owners for any purpose. Often, no repairs are even done there at all, but this is considered an impractical solution, since the free space of a given room can be effectively used for different purposes. Usually a pantry is made from the room, for which plastic cabinets are installed on the balcony, which have numerous advantages and have a low price.

Features of the.

Plastic cabinets installed on the balcony perform several functions at once:

filling of free space is ensured, therefore a multifunctional piece of furniture is installed in the room; if a spacious wardrobe is bought, then it is used to store numerous objects and things, so they do not clutter up the space on the balcony, and are also hidden from view and laid out in an optimal order in various compartments of the structure; plastic products can have different colors, therefore, a model is selected that has the optimal shade, which allows you to completely make a balcony in a unique color scheme.

Many people are repelled from such a purchase by the material of the cabinet’s production, since they believe that plastic does not have optimal strength and reliability, but modern high-quality products are made from special alloys that guarantee durable furniture that can withstand strong shocks, constant exposure to sunlight, temperature changes , exposure to moisture and other factors.

It is plastic products that are optimal for a balcony, since their advantages include:

resistance to ultraviolet light. The balcony usually has large windows, so it is not possible to hide various objects in this room from the sun’s rays. Plastic structures will not fade or melt at high temperatures if really high-quality models are chosen; resistance to high and low temperatures. Usually the balcony is an unheated room, therefore, it is required that all objects are resistant to a low temperature or its change; attractive appearance – due to the ease of processing of the material, special technologies are used for the manufacture of various plastic products. This leads to the fact that numerous cabinet models can have different sizes, configurations, colors and other interesting characteristics; spacious and versatile – a cabinet equipped with many storage systems and additional elements is chosen for the balcony. They allow you to store a lot of things in this structure, therefore, various furnishings in living quarters are released..

The above advantages apply exclusively to the most reliable and high-quality structures made of modern alloy. Cheap structures can melt under the rays of the sun or collapse with minor mechanical shock..

Types of structures.

Plastic cabinets for the balcony are available in different models, each of which has its own characteristics. In accordance with the design, the following models stand out:

free-standing, which can be located in any part of the room along its wall. They are usually large in size and have numerous compartments for storing items. Not suitable for small balconies; built-in – they are chosen for certain niches and compartments found on almost any balcony. Their choice should be approached deliberately, since their size should ideally fit the existing area in the room. The advantages of using such models include the fact that they take up space that usually remains unused at all, therefore, significant savings in space on the balcony are guaranteed; corner – are chosen for small rooms, where it is necessary to save even insignificant square meters. They can have different sizes and content. Different models are available for any balcony.

When choosing such a plastic cabinet, additional attention is paid to the existing facades. Doors can be:

swing – such designs are becoming less and less in demand. This is due to the need for a fairly significant space in front of such a cabinet for opening the doors. Therefore, the substantial usable area of ​​the room cannot be used for any useful purpose. The advantages of such doors include a long service life, tightness of closing and the ability, when they are opened, to get free access to inspect the entire contents of the structure; roller shutters – a wardrobe with such doors has a high cost. The advantages of such doors include the absence of the need for a free space in front of the cabinet. Usually these elements are made of aluminum, which is resistant to sunlight and moisture. This is especially true for unheated rooms. Installation of roller shutters is considered a simple process, and they can also open to different heights. They are easy to wash and do not fade in the sun; accordions – such doors save space in front of the cabinet. They have an unusual design, so they can decorate any balcony. The disadvantages of using such doors include the fact that they do not fit too tightly to the interior item, therefore, the thermal insulation parameters deteriorate significantly; coupe – this option is convenient and practical. Suitable for wide balconies, fits well into the interior and decorates any space. The downside is the occupation of the useful space of the cabinet.

Thus, plastic products are considered the best choice for any balcony. They are presented in many forms, which allows you to choose a model according to the taste of the direct user.

Accommodation rules.

The choice of the location of the structure depends on the size and shape of the balcony itself. Additionally, it is taken into account what features the plastic cabinet has. The most frequently chosen installation locations are:

in the corner of the balcony – for this, a special corner cabinet is purchased that fits perfectly into the existing area of ​​the room. It can have different heights, and also its two parts can differ in width; in the niche of the room – if there are certain recesses or niches on the balcony, then they can be filled with a cabinet. Often it is not possible to find the optimal design for the space, so people prefer to create a plastic cabinet on their own. In this case, the walls of the niche will act as the walls of the cabinet, which will save on materials. High quality plastic doors are selected that can be opened in different ways. Shelves and compartments are also created for storing various things, and they must be firmly fixed so that they can withstand significant loads from various objects; along the wall of the balcony – this option is often chosen, as it is suitable for almost any balcony. If the room is narrow, then the depth of such a cabinet should be small..

Thus, choosing a place for installing a plastic cabinet is quite simple, but you should first evaluate the features of each option..

How to care.

Plastic is considered an easy-to-maintain material, therefore, to maintain an attractive and ideal appearance of the cabinet, the following rules of care are taken into account:

dust can be wiped with a soft damp cloth; various contaminants are removed with a cloth with soapy water, but you cannot use hard brushes or scrapers that leave significant scratches on the surface; it is not allowed to place hot items on the shelves; if an inexpensive cabinet is purchased, then it must be protected from direct sunlight, since due to the high temperature it can begin to melt; it is undesirable to install large-sized items, since inexpensive plastic may not withstand significant impacts, so cracks or chips will appear on it.

If, with careless handling, scratches remain on the cabinet elements, then they cannot be removed by restoration or any other similar actions..

Nuances of choice.

To choose the perfect plastic wardrobe that has the best price and high performance parameters, the selection rules are taken into account:

high quality plastic; the presence of numerous storage systems; affordable cost; optimal dimensions for the selected installation site; attractive colors; suitable design; ease of opening.

Thus, plastic cabinets are considered an excellent choice for a balcony. They have many advantages and are presented in various models. They are easy to care for and multifunctional. If you can’t choose the right model, it is allowed to do the process of creating a structure with your own hands..


Plastic cabinets for the balcony and loggia.

Everyone has items that take up a lot of space in the apartment and are a pity to throw away. A balcony is a place in an apartment where unnecessary things are put, thereby turning the loggia into a kind of dump. The problem of unnecessary things can be solved quite simply: you need to build a wardrobe on the balcony to which unnecessary things will be sent.

The only requirement for this piece of furniture is to provide convenient storage of things, taking up as little space as possible. In this case, the furniture must fit into the interior..

Materials for making lockers.

A wardrobe on the balcony will transform the interior, making it cozy and comfortable. Thanks to this piece of furniture, the balcony will cease to seem cluttered and take on a pleasant look. The design of the locker is pretty simple. It consists of a frame, shelves and doors. The shelves are attached to the frame with metal ties, corners, and also with a dowel or put on a special stop. Important! This set consists of several items, with the help of it a can or bottle can be easily opened, it can easily cope with car malfunctions, repair shoes or other equipment. You don’t need a lot of storage space for the set, since the tools are different.

Most often, wooden beams are used for cabinets. This material has advantages – it is environmentally friendly and does not cause allergies, it is a rather tough material (well suited for a frame). The tree also has disadvantages: with high humidity, it changes shape. And this material is quite an expensive option..

Next in popularity are chipboard cabinets. This material is quite practical, durable, moisture resistant. But it is neither durable nor stable. For greater stability, the structure must be additionally reinforced with metal elements..

The best material for a cabinet on a loggia is plastic. It is easy to clean and does not deform when wet. In a plastic cabinet, things will be protected from dust and moisture. The cabinet is divided into sections with shelves. The shelf made of plastic can withstand up to forty kilograms.

Another advantage of plastic cabinets is that they do not corrode and withstand low temperatures (this will be a salvation for non-insulated balconies).

The plastic cabinet on the balcony is so easy to assemble that you can assemble and install it yourself:

Before proceeding with the assembly, you need to make sure that the balcony or loggia is insured against moisture. This is necessary for a longer service life of the piece of furniture. Make sure you have tools and fixtures. To assemble the structure, you will need brackets, a profile or metal slats for the frame and other fastening materials, self-tapping screws, moisture-resistant drywall sheets (for shelves), additional plastic panels for doors, metal guides for doors and rollers for them. You need to check the balcony for irregularities and roughness. If found, align. This is done to ensure that the structure is not skewed and is stable. In the absence of experience in assembling the cabinet, a drawing should be made with all values ​​and dimensions. This is necessary for accurate calculation of consumables. In order to avoid deformation of the walls, it is worth considering the complexity of fastening the structure. Particular attention should be paid to the doors.

Types of doors for wardrobes.

roller shutters; swing; compartment door; accordion door.

The most common option is swing doors. Among the advantages are durable and tightly closing doors. In the open view, you can view the contents of the cabinet. But such doors have a drawback – an open door takes up space that cannot be freely used..

Roller shutters protect the piece of furniture from the sun’s rays, dust and moisture. Roller shutters are easy to assemble and open to any height. They are easy to care for and will not fade..

The accordion door saves space. Thanks to design techniques, it can become an interior decoration. Such doors have a significant drawback – they do not fit snugly to the cabinet. Because of this, thermal insulation properties are lost and the doorway is reduced..

A compartment door is a practical option. These doors fit into any interior. But they are suitable for wide balconies. The disadvantages include the fact that the sliding structure takes up space.

Stages of work.

First you need to take measurements from the balcony. Then remove all irregularities on the floor. Then you need to draw a sketch and compare it with the measurements. In case of disagreement, correct inaccuracies. Then a frame is installed, which is attached to the wall with self-tapping screws. Next, vertical slats are attached. You need to collect the wardrobe from the wall to the corner..

The finished frame must be sheathed with plasterboard with self-tapping screws. The final stage is finishing the cabinet. All joints must be treated with gypsum plaster. After drying, all seams must be smoothed.

Plastic construction options.

The wardrobe on the balcony can be of any size (bulky or small compact) and colors. Important! Wherever a person is, this amazing set of tools will solve any problem with technology, fishing and even hunting. The kit is unique in its purpose, so it will become the first assistant anywhere.

Built-in wardrobe with three compartments.

This view is installed on a fairly wide loggia. It doesn’t take up much space. It has no back wall. Such a cabinet has an aesthetic appearance, and its upper part is suitable as a stand for vases with flowers or other interior items..

The doors are made of lining and installed across – this will visually increase the space. This type of cabinet can be used not only as storage of unnecessary things and cans, but also as a storage for clothes..

The interior is equipped based on their own preferences. It is possible to install shelves in all compartments, you can attach hooks or clothes hangers in one compartment.


It is advisable to mount this type of cabinet on an insulated balcony, since a wooden beam acts as a frame. And under the influence of moisture, it deforms and the service life is significantly reduced. It is convenient because the sliding doors save space and can be installed next to the balcony door..

The wardrobe is quite roomy and has many sections. Such a piece of furniture fits well into the interior of the balcony and looks neat.

Cabinet built into the wall of the balcony.

This type can serve as both a bedside table and a flower stand. It does not block the view of the window. The doors are made in the form of blinds, which allows it to be ventilated from the inside.

The wardrobe is roomy, despite the different sizes of the compartments. It can store workpieces.

Wardrobe divided into two parts.

This structure is made of plastic panels and is mounted on a wooden frame. It is divided into two parts – upper and lower. Each part has its own doors. His doors are opening and sliding..

Cabinet without doors.

Optionally, you can build a plastic product on a balcony without a door. This is the easiest option. It can have several wide compartments with shelves. Such a piece of furniture goes well with the interior of the loggia. It is best to place it from the end of the balcony..

It is enough to fix the frame for the shelves on the floor, wall and ceiling. After fastening the vertical elements with shelves, the structure will acquire a stable appearance. If you are embarrassed that the entire contents of the cabinet are presented to the overview, you can hang a small curtain. Important! The scope of this unusual tool is the ability to use internal elements. Thanks to its versatility, the device is ready to cope with any complex task..

Corner cupboard.

A corner cabinet made of plastic is installed on narrow loggias and balconies. They are quite roomy. The doors are sheathed with a trolley, which will expand the balcony space.

The upper part of the cabinets is allocated mainly for storing tools, paints and varnishes. This is true for families with small children. This way they will not be able to get to dangerous objects. The lower part is for storing vegetables. When storing vegetables on the balcony, you need to remember that when the air temperature is below six degrees, the vegetables must be brought into the heat.

Benefits of using cabinets on the balcony.

At least the following advantages of this product can be distinguished:

there will be a place for storing unnecessary items, which allows you to free up space in the apartment; with a competent approach to installing the cabinet, you can turn the balcony into a recreation area; an additional piece of furniture with a large number of functions will appear in the apartment.

Wardrobe on the balcony with swinging PVC.

Today, every apartment owner is faced with the same problem – not enough free space. Sooner or later, unnecessary things “fill” all the shelves in closets, pantries and other places. Is there a rational solution to this situation? The company “EliteBalkon” invites you to competently organize storage systems by installing a wardrobe on the balcony with a swing PVC. This design will accommodate a lot of acquired “good”, conservation, sports equipment and tools. In addition, you will immediately solve several important tasks:

Get an aesthetic and stylish interior element. Emphasize the uniqueness of your balcony design. Get functional storage for unnecessary things.

As a result – comfort, order and coziness in the apartment and on the balcony. You will no longer stumble through “mountains” of randomly folded objects and search for the thing you need for a long time. A PVC cabinet is a piece of furniture that should be in every home. What are the advantages it has?

PVC swing cabinet – quality and practicality.

What characteristics should a wardrobe on the balcony have? To answer this question, it is important to analyze the conditions in which it will be located. Since a balcony is a place in which there are sharp changes in temperature, high humidity and dryness, the material of the cabinet must be reliable, resistant to all kinds of negative influences – fungus, mold or corrosion, and also have durability. “EliteBalkon” manufactures plastic cabinets for the balcony that fully comply with the above characteristics. Often we use proven Provedal or Veka profiles, which are striking in their practicality and high quality workmanship..

Advantages of the PVC cabinet:

Long service life. Reinforced plastic is a non-kill material. It can withstand strong stress and various negative influences. The service life of the PVC cabinet will be about 40 years. Tightness. Like window systems, the cabinet doors will close as tightly as possible, not allowing cold air to pass inside. Versatility. We are ready to make a wardrobe from any profile you like. This makes it possible to experiment without stopping in your design decisions. Large color palette. Don’t like the classic white wardrobe? Then we are ready to paint the profile in any shade or to make lamination. The frame can also be made in one color, and the sashes are supplemented with layouts or stained-glass windows.

How is the cabinet design chosen? Master “EliteBalkon” draws up an individual project, which fully takes into account your wishes and needs. For example, if the purpose of a PVC swing cabinet is to store outerwear or sports equipment, then it makes sense to create several departments, where one will be larger than the other. This will allow you to put long or bulky items in the closet. In the smaller department, you can put canned food or empty cans.

EliteBalkon offers two types of PVC swing cabinets:

Separate. It does not join the balcony itself, therefore it can occupy a rather impressive area. This is a great option for those who are the proud owner of a large balcony. The advantage of a cabinet cabinet is its mobility. Moving it to another place to change the design of the room is not difficult at all. Built in. This is a monumental structure that is part of the balcony furniture. It will not work to rearrange it. However, it is built-in wardrobes that are most often installed in small-sized rooms, since they do not take up much space, are functional and practical..

Hinged PVC design is far superior to sliding products. Why? Hinged doors allow you to put large items in the closet without creating discomfort. Sliding sashes are not entirely practical in this matter, since the sash will only open halfway..

Plastic cabinet – manufacturing process.

“EliteBalkon” will help you to realize any of your ideas, for example, to install a corner cabinet or make a structure from ceiling to floor. Regardless of the project, all our cabinets are manufactured using the same proven technology:

Frame. An aluminum profile is used that does not corrode, rot or deform. Shelves. Shelves made of chipboard or PVC window sills are original and practical. The latter option is relevant if the weight of the items is too large. Facade. The metal-plastic profile is the most practical material for sashes. It does not fade, withstand mechanical stress and is durable. Even after many years of use, the appearance of your balcony cabinet will remain the same flawless..

How to order a wardrobe for a balcony swing PVC? To do this, you just need to contact our manager, who will answer all your questions. Our furniture is designed and assembled using a special technology, and the materials are ideal for a balcony or loggia. How much will such a cabinet cost? The price depends entirely on its size, shape and design complexity..

Plastic cabinets on the balcony.

To use the area of ​​the apartment to the maximum, without cluttering the space with unnecessary things, you should mount the cabinet on the balcony. In the photo selection of the article, you can find the most suitable option, as well as understand how to beautifully make furniture with your own hands. Such a cabinet can be used for various purposes: storing tools, children’s toys, food preparations for the winter, equipment (sports or garden), etc..

Options for cabinets on the loggia.

1. Built-in modules.

Hinged built-in option. Facades – MDF, frame made of laminated chipboard, fittings – matt chrome. Swing built-in wardrobe. Facades – MDF, frame made of laminated chipboard, fittings – matt chrome. The main drawback of the pass-through system is that you cannot use the space that is occupied by the door in the open state, that is, the area of ​​the room is used irrationally.

Internal breakdown of the frame. Body – laminated chipboard, facades – plastic. The walls are sheathed with plastic clapboard, linoleum is chosen as the flooring. Advantages of swing opening: long service life, doors close well, when opened, you can evaluate the contents on all shelves at once.

The built-in MDF model fills a niche in the balcony space. Two textures selected for creation (creamy color and wood texture).

Built-in frame, for the creation of which chipboard plates were used. In the door leaves, frosted glass inserts are made, the metal profile provides opening. The light shade of chipboard with imitation of wood texture is suitable for the neutral range of this room.

Laconic design in the modern interior of the loggia. Lacobel doors, mosaics and ceramic tiles in finishing. The main disadvantage is that this type of opening takes up space inside the module.

Plastic facades of the sliding system in the interior of the loggia. The material does not require special maintenance, however, scratches may appear on its surface. Vivid colors are susceptible to fading during use.

Models made of wood are environmentally friendly. Often, when creating a structure, they use the same type of wood as for decorating walls on a loggia.

The space under the window is filled with modules in which you can place the necessary items. This option is suitable even for small spaces, as it takes up a minimum of space. Such a design can be done by hand or entrusted with the work of specialists. The cabinet provides additional insulation of the parapet.

2. Freestanding.

Mini-set on the balcony made of MDF. The walls are lined with wooden clapboard.

Mirrored sliding doors on the loggia visually increase the area. Such techniques are useful for small balconies in Khrushchev.

Spacious modules with sliding doors (facades – white plastic). Two modules are suitable for separate storage of items such as clothing and building materials.

Furniture facades are decorated with PVC panels. This design can be easily made by hand..

To create the material used chipboard.

The freestanding structure based on laminated chipboard consists of a frame, swing doors, open shelves and drawers on ball guides. This model is considered economical, since the simplest materials were used for production..

A freestanding cabinet, for the production it was required laminated chipboard in two shades (white and with a wood texture). Open shelves allow you to compactly place indoor flowers or decor items on the balcony. In addition, this element makes the structure visually lighter..

3. Corner models.

Corner model with a sliding opening mechanism. This design helps to equip rooms of non-standard shape and use the area to the maximum functionally. Often no additional material is used to create the interior, the walls of the room are the basis.

Corner wardrobe with hinged door on the loggia. The walls are covered with non-woven wallpaper, ceramic tiles on the floor. To create furniture on the loggia, laminated chipboard and MDF were used. There is a large selection of shades and textures that combine with each other to create unique furniture designs..

Built-in furniture will allow you to correct the geometry of any room. Often on balconies of an unusual shape, the storage area is invisible, with the right design, and is quite spacious. The doors are made of laminated chipboard with wood grain. Sliding system Raumplus.

The non-standard corner of the balcony was masked by a sliding wardrobe made of laminated chipboard. The built-in model fills the entire wall space from floor to ceiling. Raumplus sliding mechanism.

4. Manufacturer Ikea.

Interior design in a clapboard room. Freestanding module with hinged doors and modern style armchair (IKEA).

5. Wardrobe with your own hands.

PVC panels in the interior of the room. Built-in furniture with hinged doors. Self-assembly saves the family budget, but takes up personal time during the renovation process.

The frame is made of plasterboard sheets. The walls of the balcony are decorated with MDF boards. The design is characterized by simple installation and low weight; large costs are not required to create. The main disadvantage is that the material is susceptible to moisture and mechanical deformation..

MDF was used for the facades and walls of the premises. Installation was done by hand.

Furniture made of laminated particle board with sliding doors. Sliding system Raumplus.

6. Furniture with open shelves.

Modern design. Shelving structures are made of wooden elements. Open niches can be filled with decor or used to store other items.

Dressing room on the loggia (laminated chipboard material). The furniture consists of a combination of open shelves and a shoe cabinet.

Similar news.

Wardrobes on the balcony – 30 examples in the interior.

In our house, there is always a problem of lack of space for storing certain things. What can help in solving this problem? Of course, the wardrobes on the balcony. Such a locker will allow you to unload pantries and cabinets in an apartment or house to the maximum..

Wardrobes on the balcony.

If you plan to install a wardrobe on the balcony, such a decision should be thought out in advance, before renovating the apartment, in order to include the presence of a wardrobe in the balcony layout. Often, balcony cabinets are 1200 mm long and are divided into two parts – upper and lower.

The upper part is usually reserved for a working tool, which is fraught with consequences to be stored in a house with small children. The lower part is perfect for storing vegetables such as potatoes and onions..

If you decide to create a unique roomy wardrobe on the balcony. which will store unnecessary things, you can order the manufacture of a sliding wardrobe, which is made according to an individual plan. You can choose an individual size, shape and design.

Cabinets for balconies are made from materials such as chipboard or metal-plastic. Aluminum cabinet frame, shelves are made of PVC panels, which can withstand a load of up to 40 kg (each of the shelves).

The advantage of a metal-plastic cabinet for a balcony is that the profile of the cabinet does not corrode and can perfectly withstand frosty weather, as well as sudden temperature changes, which, for example, is very important for an unheated balcony.

In addition, such a wardrobe will be a great addition to the interior..

If the budget option of cabinets suits you more, purchase laminated cabinets for balconies made of chipboard. This cabinet furniture is resistant to high humidity and temperature changes..

You can determine the presence of shelves and compartments yourself by making appropriate measurements and drawing up a certain cabinet diagram.

Wardrobes have a stylish and original appearance. It is quite possible that this particular model will perfectly fit into your interior..

A very convenient and profitable model of a wardrobe for a balcony is a sliding wardrobe. which is mounted practically under the ceiling itself and has sliding doors that, when opened, do not interfere with anyone and do not take up free space.

In such a closet, you can fit quite a lot of temporarily unnecessary things, thereby freeing up space in the apartment. The color scheme of cabinets for balconies is very diverse. Therefore, what your closet will be like depends only on desire and imagination..

Cabinets on the balcony – photo.

Wardrobe on the balcony: design features and materials.

An irreplaceable piece of furniture for storing things Although the balcony, in fact, is not a living space and is often not included in useful meters, it is often turned into an extension of a room, a study or even a dressing room. In such cases, a wardrobe for a balcony becomes an irreplaceable piece of furniture. Firstly, it will help free the living space of the apartment from massive furniture, and at the same time organize an ergonomic area for storing things in small areas..

What are the cabinets for the balcony made of.

Modern lockers on a small balcony or an impressive wardrobe for a spacious loggia impose certain requirements on the materials from which they are made. Let’s figure out which materials to give preference to when choosing balcony furniture.

Chipboard wardrobe PVC wardrobe.

The undoubted leaders among other materials are chipboard and plastic:

they are resistant to temperature extremes; do not deteriorate in conditions of high humidity or dryness; they are not afraid of either the hot sun or winter frosts.

A wardrobe on the balcony made of a similar material from the Ikea network will fit perfectly into the interior design and will last for many years. It is not for nothing that they prefer to make roller shutters to the balcony from plastic or chipboard..

Benefits of individual materials.

The choice of furniture made of plastic or chipboard has its advantages. Let’s consider them in more detail.

The cabinet will be more stable if it is firmly fixed to the wall..

The main advantages of plastic are:

a plastic balcony wardrobe is absolutely resistant to humidity; easy to clean with a regular sponge, dirt does not bite into the surface; in an unheated room, he is not afraid of frost; such a cabinet on the loggia does not deteriorate from the high temperature if its windows face the east side of the house; durable material withstands heavy weight loads.

Plastic cabinets on a glazed and clapboard balcony are one of the most popular solutions. They harmoniously fit into the interior, it is easy to choose suitable roller shutters for the balcony and other design elements to match their color and texture.

Calculate the cabinet load in advance.

Among the main advantages of chipboard furniture:

durable material that is known for a long service life; copes well with the function of storing heat; it is easy to work with it, which is especially convenient in cases where the furniture is assembled on its own; has practically no restrictions on the manufacture of any structures, even if you want to make a wardrobe on the balcony of the most intricate shape; Chipboard represents the possibility of any surface cladding.

The Ikea chain offers a wide selection of chipboard furniture, which is perfect for equipping a balcony. It is assembled and disassembled like a constructor, and from several elements you can make an excellent ensemble for a small space. If you have installed roller shutters on the balcony, Ikea has the opportunity to choose furniture with a similar facade.

Cabinet designs for balconies and loggias.

The most demanded for the balcony are the following designs:

closet ; corner construction; wardrobe with hinged doors; wardrobes with sliding shutters.

When choosing one or another type, it should be borne in mind that swing doors give a better view and all the shelves on the balcony and their contents are immediately visible. A wardrobe on a loggia with an accordion door makes the shape of the structure a little wider than necessary. Sliding doors of the wardrobe save space, but do not make it possible to place large items inside.

Any owner can make a corner cabinet.

By installing plastic roller shutters on the balcony instead of traditional chipboard swing doors, you can significantly save the area that is “eaten up” when furniture is opened and closed. They are not only convenient to curtain windows or use as cabinet doors, but also to mask the shelves on the balcony .

Built-in furniture is the best solution.

For small areas, accurate size matching is important. A few extra centimeters – and the closet will no longer fit on the balcony. Smaller furniture will waste space. Therefore, it would be more correct to order a built-in wardrobe on the balcony..

Ikea offers a convenient design, designed for self-assembly. Here you can not only choose a ready-made wardrobe for a standard loggia, but also order custom-made furniture for a corner balcony. Ikea store specialists will be able to demonstrate a three-dimensional model of future furniture, which, if necessary, can be adjusted.

A correctly chosen cabinet will perfectly cope with the task of ergonomic space arrangement. If you approach this business wisely, the balcony can miraculously turn from a place of chaotic storage of things into a full-fledged cozy room..

Attention, only for TODAY!

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Cabinets on the balcony: 6 features of the arrangement.

Balconies in modern apartments have long ceased to be empty and to be an ordinary space that serves as another window to the street. The owners, who have a certain prudence, use each meter sensibly, trying to design it as aesthetically as possible. There are many ideas for decorating a balcony and everyone decides which one suits best. Most often, this area is used for the purpose of storing unnecessary things or salt. Well, in order for all this to take on a decent look, cabinets come to the rescue, which have all the amenities and spaciousness.

How to make a wardrobe on the balcony: 6 features in the arrangement.

Correct organization of the space on the balcony is very important in order for it to become multifunctional in the future. A built-in wardrobe can help with this..

Most often, furniture is used as a cabinet on the balcony, which is no longer needed in the apartment. Such a piece of furniture may turn out to be cumbersome and not correspond to the parameters of the balcony itself. In such a situation, you cannot create a corner cabinet. He will also not be able to perform all the functions that are assigned to him due to the inappropriate spaciousness or inconvenient location of the shelves. In addition, such furniture is not able to give full use of the windowsill on the loggia..

The best solution in order to competently organize the space is a wardrobe that will be made to order. Such interior items are made taking into account all individual parameters and wishes..

To be more precise, the cabinets for the balcony are made based on the following 6 features:

Individual parameters; Door construction; Materials for work; Colors; Internal filling; The purpose for which the cabinet will be used.

With the help of modern technologies and materials, you can create a unique and convenient wardrobe that will be equipped with the necessary functionality. In this case, the owners themselves decide how to make this furniture, how many shelves or drawers they need, so that the use is as close to comfortable as possible..

Locker on the balcony: about the importance of parameters.

Most often, balconies have non-standard parameters, so the installed cabinet can be small and seem atypical. That is why the design must be unique and selected specifically for a specific situation. The cabinet installed on the balcony should make the most of the area that is allotted to it, and at the same time not infringe on the remaining space.

It is very important to think in advance about how the doors will open. Experts recommend installing roller shutter or sliding systems.

Such designs make it possible to place additional furniture next to the cabinet, and at the same time, no access to it will always be open.

As for the sliding system, it basically consists of several doors that run from floor to ceiling. The most comfortable cabinets are considered to be medium and small. Such an installation is able to keep your things from getting dust, as well as hide unnecessary details from prying eyes, while creating an excellent design.

For low cabinets, recently, they choose an accordion door. It has an attractive design and takes up little space. Photos are able to convey all the aesthetics of this installation. The disadvantage of such a door can be considered poor waterproofing due to the fact that it does not fit well when closed..

Swing doors remain reliable and easy to use. Do not forget that you must always leave space next to such doors in order to gain access to the locker..

Materials for the built-in wardrobe on the balcony.

In order for the wardrobe on the balcony to blend harmoniously with the interior, experts pay attention to the finishing material that was used to decorate the surface of the balcony.

Be sure to keep in mind that even a glazed balcony has high humidity and is subject to temperature extremes..

When choosing a material for making a cabinet, you must always take these points into account..

The classic option is always wood. This material is beautiful and reliable, in addition, it has a number of aesthetic and practical qualities. In order for a cabinet made of such material to serve for a long time, and its quality does not deteriorate, you need to take care in advance about protecting the balcony from temperature drops and excessive humidity.

A good option for creating a balcony cabinet is to use PVC panels or laminated chipboard. Such materials are much cheaper, not picky in operation, and are also perfect for making a wardrobe on the balcony with your own hands. A wide range of colors will make it possible to create the desired design and emphasize the configuration of any balcony.

Plastic cabinets on the balcony.

Among the above materials, plastic is the most inexpensive, practical, moisture resistant and easy to clean. The assortment of plastic is large, a wide range of colors, so you can pick it up for almost any balcony. The main disadvantage can be considered its excessive susceptibility to mechanical stress..

From exposure to sunlight, the material very quickly changes its color.

The same cannot be said about metal-plastic cabinets, they are more reliable, durable and strong. And their insulating properties are able to protect any contents of the cabinet. Doors that are hermetically closed will prevent dust from entering or changing the temperature inside, so preserves or vegetables will be safely stored.

A wardrobe on the balcony with a competent use of space, is able to make the room cozy and multifunctional. The closet in the apartment has always been of great importance for storing things, the same can be said about its placement on the balcony, because it is there that most of the rubbish is located, which can no longer find a place in the house. Take care of planning and creating an ergonomic cabinet design on the balcony, and unnecessary things, placed correctly, will no longer catch your eye.

Cabinet design on the balcony (photo in the interior)

Wardrobe on the balcony made of metal-plastic – order in Moscow.

We offer custom-made metal-plastic cabinets for loggias and balconies according to individual sizes in Moscow. Built-in or free-standing wardrobe made of modern high-quality materials that will perfectly fit into any size and interior. Draw up a project of a cabinet for a balcony or loggia, choose materials for a balcony cabinet, calculate the cost of manufacturing in production or at home, calling the master for free measurement and consultation.

A swing-out wardrobe made of metal-plastic is considered one of the most popular elements of household furniture. In addition to the fact that it must perform the main function – storing a large number of things, it also needs to meet many requirements: to be strong, durable, temperature-resistant and be sure to fit into the surrounding interior.

Construction – built-in; Model – double-leaf, swing; Number of doors – 2-4; Material – aluminum profile; Filling – plastic shelves; Maximum load – up to 80 kg; Color – a large selection of color palette; Installation site – balcony; Production time from 3 days; Price – from 18 700 rubles.

Installation and installation of a white cabinet made of aluminum and metal-plastic on a loggia of the “Sapozhok” class

Construction – built-in; Model – swing; Number of doors – 2-4; Material – aluminum profile; Filling – plastic shelves; Maximum load – up to 80 kg; Color – a large selection of color palette; Installation site – balcony; Production time from 3 days; Price – from 18 700 rubles.

Dismantling the cabinet made of aluminum and metal-plastic profiles on the balcony. The customer was satisfied with the work from the masters of the Good-dom company.

Construction – built-in; Model – swing; Number of doors – 2-4; Material – aluminum profile; Filling – plastic shelves; Maximum load – up to 80 kg; Color – a large selection of color palette; Installation site – balcony; Production time from 3 days; Price – from 18 700 rubles.

A swing-out wardrobe made of metal-plastic is considered one of the most popular elements of household furniture. In addition to the fact that he must perform the main function – storing a large number of things, he also needs to meet many requirements: to be strong, durable, temperature-resistant and be sure to fit into the surrounding interior.

The Good-dom company offers to purchase sliding wardrobes from the manufacturer, which are made of high quality materials according to the individual parameters of the customer..

Today, one of the most popular materials used for the design of a swing cabinet is PVC, which has high quality characteristics..

Hinged metal-plastic cabinets are made in various sizes, they can be built-in, free-standing and corner, each of which has universal functions and capabilities.

PVC panels, glasses of different textures, mirrors, photo printing are actively used in decorating swing structures..

Construction – built-in; Model – swing, double-leaf; Number of doors – 2-4; Material – aluminum profile; Filling – plastic shelves; Maximum load – up to 80 kg; Color – a large selection of color palette; Installation site – balcony; Production time from 3 days; Price – from 18 700 rubles.

In most cases, spacious sliding wardrobes are installed on the balcony rooms made of metal-plastic material that can withstand a large weight load, sharp temperature drops, as well as high humidity.

Advantages of sliding wardrobes made of metal-plastic:

durability and environmental friendliness of materials; possibility of installation in cold rooms; prevention of mold, mildew, etc .; large color range of component parts; different variations of decor and decoration.

Construction – built-in; Model – sliding; Number of doors – 2; Material – aluminum profile; Filling – plastic shelves; Maximum load – up to 80 kg; Color – a large selection of color palette; Installation site – balcony; Production time from 3 days; Price – from 18 700 rubles.

The price of any cabinet is individual, it all depends on the size and content. The table shows approximate prices, without delivery and installation by our masters. We manufacture wardrobes of any size. To calculate the cost of your cabinet, call or leave a request.

The use of metal-plastic cabinets on a balcony or loggia has recently been gaining more and more popularity. Such constructions are quite practical and have a lot of useful functions. Contact the professionals at Good-dom for help, where they will help you equip the necessary room with the most durable and high-quality furniture..

Features of the.

Metal-plastic cabinets, due to their versatility, are great not only for installation on balconies, but also in hallways or bathrooms. These products are made of aluminum profiles, usually white..

A plastic cabinet can be made with or without doors, thus acquiring the appearance of a rack. Most often, cabinet doors made of metal-plastic are made using an environmentally friendly profile, the advantage of which is low weight and ease of use. The sliding mechanism of the sash spreads them on both sides without any annoying or loud sounds.

Order a cabinet made of metal-plastic.

The Good-dom manufacturing company is engaged in the manufacture of cabinets on the basis of an aluminum profile, made according to the individual parameters of the customer. Our specialists themselves carry out all the necessary measurements of the room, develop a technically correct and reliable project, and in the end they independently carry out the installation of the structure.

Models made by the hands of Good-dom craftsmen are completely resistant to temperature extremes, moisture or direct sunlight. At the same time, they are difficult to burn and do not spread toxic substances in the air..

We take full responsibility for the service life and quality characteristics of the product, as well as issue a long-term warranty.

Be more confident with Good-dom!

Wardrobe on the balcony: design ideas and recommendations.

If this corner of your house resembles a dump of unnecessary, then it’s time to build a wardrobe on the balcony, and a photo in the interior and how to make it beautifully with your own hands – we will tell you further. We will also show more than 50 interesting ideas and give diagrams for almost each of them..

What material is better to make a wardrobe on the balcony.

No matter how insulated the balcony is, it is still a room with high humidity. This means that the material for the manufacture of the cabinet must be selected taking into account this factor..

That is, you understand, the budget chipboard immediately drops out of this list, since it will swell after 3-4 wet seasons. The doors will begin to open poorly, the shelves will sag and a fungus will settle inside. What remains?

Wood Plastic Metal-plastic Moisture-resistant drywall.

Let’s take a look at each of them in detail and find out all the pros and cons of each option..

Wardrobes for the balcony made of wood.

Wood is unquestionably the best choice. Even if a good board is not cheap, but the product will be of high quality, strong and durable.

By the way, you still don’t have to go broke on building materials, since balcony cabinets are usually very small in size.

Look at several types of wooden cabinets on the balcony and see how well they fit into the interior, giving a special flavor and coziness.

Please note that the options presented are made of lining. It is not that expensive and the assembly comes out fast..

It does not need to be further cleaned, which is also a big plus. You just need to cover the finished cabinet with stain or paint. In the photo above, wooden cabinets of a natural look, and here are examples of painted wood.

It looks much more elegant and this material can be combined with almost any frame and wall design. And, if the design of your house is “Provence”, then this is generally the only right decision.

What are the main recommendations for the construction of wooden structures on the balcony?

Be sure to treat the wood with a special moisture-resistant varnish or paint, this will greatly extend the life of the cabinet. Do not take ready-made, louvered lattice doors. They use slats that are too thin and over time they deform under the influence of temperature changes and moisture.

There is nothing more to add, in general. Wood is a wonderful option both visually and from a practical point of view, and the smell on the balcony will be pleasant for many years.


We mean plastic panels. They often sheathe a balcony from the inside and make cabinets to match. It looks something like this.

Not to say that it is very good, but also not entirely ugly. But, the point here is not only how such a cabinet looks externally. The point is impractical.

Despite the fact that the plastic is moisture resistant, it is not very suitable for a balcony. Why?

Because it deforms from direct sunlight and is shock resistant. It is worth inadvertently pressing down such a door with something heavy and a gaping hole forms on it..

Therefore, we would not recommend you to choose this material..

Metal-plastic cabinets.

You can buy individual elements for such a cabinet (doors, shelves) in building supermarkets.

In fact, this is the same material from which windows are made. That is, he is not afraid of anything at all: no bright sun, no heat, no cold, no moisture, no blows.

And, if your apartment is decorated in any modern style, then it is quite logical to make a cabinet made of metal-plastic on the balcony. For the price it will not come out too expensive and it will serve you for a long time..

The only thing here you need to be very careful at the assembly stage and drill holes for fittings very carefully.

This is not a tree and the mistake cannot be corrected so that it is not visible. I putty the tree, painted it and as if nothing had happened. And here the extra hole remains for life. This is how such cabinets look in the interior of the balcony..

Moisture resistant drywall.

Also not the best solution, despite the fact that it is moisture resistant. Drywall tends to break from impacts, the construction of such a cabinet requires a lot of profile … Yes, and the doors still need to be made of another material.

A plasterboard base is chosen when they want to make a cabinet that merges with the color and texture of the main wall..

And, if you have just such a case, then take the thinnest facing brick and build a cabinet out of it, then putty and paint.

It will be much more durable and reliable..

By the way, the tree can also be covered with a special putty and painted. And it will look like an ordinary wall.

On which side of the balcony to place the cabinet.

Here any recommendations from our side are meaningless, since everyone has different balconies. Therefore, we give you a selection of photos in which the cabinets are located in different angles and angles..

On such a cabinet you can put flowers or something else on top, maybe even an aquarium.

And here is the wardrobe, which was assembled from ready-made elements of kitchen furniture. It is very functional, but on the balcony you will need to lay one wall with a brick in this case.

If you have a loggia, then you can place such a cabinet without any problems..

And here is a wardrobe with doors, which it is customary to equip wardrobes in the room. It also looks good and is roomy. He also stands at a blank side wall.

In this photo, you can see that the lockers go around the entire perimeter of the lower part of the balcony. Nice, but the disadvantage is that they are too shallow.

Here are the chests. You can sit on them and store vegetables. Convenient and does not take up much space.

Corner wardrobe on the balcony – not 100% functional.

It can be done in the event that the shape of the balcony is with an angle and otherwise there is no way to place the cabinet.

You can see for yourself that there is very little usable area inside this option..

Which door system to prefer.

The balcony space is usually narrow and very limited. And no matter what location you choose, it will not always be comfortable to open the doors wide.

But the sliding system is often not an option here, since the cabinets are already narrow.

For example, if you put sliding doors on such a cabinet option as shown below, then when you open it, half will be tightly closed, forming a dead zone. It will be very, very inconvenient to get anything out of it..

In this case, a much more correct solution would be to make swing doors.

Moreover, one of them already opens towards the window and it does not matter at all that it will be blocked for some small moment. You can also make accordion doors, as shown below..

But, frankly, there is no big win here. The cabinet opens and so on towards the window, and what’s the difference whether 20 or 40 centimeters of glass will be covered? But accessories for an accordion cost money and there is no point in overpaying.

So, our advice: everything ingenious is simple. And we do not recommend all sorts of bold decisions on the balcony. The simplest door is what you need.

Examples of design and diagrams of various cabinets.

We have made an extensive selection by attaching the diagrams. If you wish, you can use any of them and independently build a wardrobe on the balcony.

Simple storage cabinet.

He does it very simply and there is only one scheme, no matter what material you would prefer. The main thing is to make the shelves of the correct width and height, so that cans can be conveniently placed in them..

It is better to make many small shelves than one or two, on which you will put preservation one on one, shifting sheets of plywood, for example. In this case, getting something out is terribly inconvenient: sometimes you have to disassemble all the stocks, and then put them back.

This is how the cabinet for preservation in the interior looks like:

And here is its diagram. You can set the doors to your taste, it is not so important here.

Bench-style vegetable storage cabinet with top shelves.

These cabinets can be made in two ways. In the form of a chest, with a flip-up lid, or in the form of a bench with doors at the bottom. We give you examples of both options..

Wardrobe chest. Scheme and view in the interior:

Of course, the dimensions here are approximate and you must adjust them yourself for your balcony.

A wardrobe bench is also an excellent option for a small balcony. This photo shows one of his examples..

There is no point in giving a diagram here, since everything is very simple. You make a box, and hang the doors on it.

Important note: if you plan to store vegetables in it, be sure to make small holes for ventilation with a drill. But if you don’t, potatoes and other root crops will rot.

Multifunctional wardrobe with table.

There are a lot of options in this case. You can make a wardrobe with a desk, and instead of a balcony you will have a wonderful office.

And a computer desk can be put, and a table for needlework. In general, anything!

We offer you to see our photos and we really hope that the options we have chosen will be to your taste..

Seedling rack with removable doors.

The secret of this cabinet is only that it is equipped with removable doors and lamps. How exactly to fix them, you yourself will figure it out, since there are many options.

We only give you a good idea. In summer and autumn, you can use this structure for storing conservation, and in spring and at the end of winter, when there are no more stocks, you can put seedlings there..

The main thing is to place such a cabinet closer to the light and make the shelves not from chipboard or fiberboard, but from metal. It must be durable and not afraid of water.

This is how an empty metal rack looks like. It is very easy to assemble it, ready-made parts are sold in building markets.

In principle, you can not even fool your head with removable doors, but simply hang the rack with some beautiful textiles. It will also look very good, especially since now fabric curtains on wardrobes are becoming fashionable..

So our review has come to an end. Choose any of the presented wardrobe on the balcony. Photos in the interior and how beautiful to make – we gave it, and we are sure that you will succeed in the best possible way!

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