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Review of nail polishes.

Review of nail polishes.

Flormar Full Color Nail Enamel FC35 Tickled Pink.

In the gray everyday life, we often lack bright colors and sunny mood. Flormar’s varnish in hot pink Tickled Pink will take you to the atmosphere of a hot, summer day. The shade of the varnish changes as the lighting changes – from hot pink to purple. It very beautifully emphasizes the tan of the skin, as well as the beauty and sophistication of the hands..

The structure of the varnish is quite liquid, but does not spread during application. Thanks to a thin brush, it will not be difficult for you to gently apply it and work out the corners of the nail plate..

The final drying time of the varnish is 8-10 minutes. Looks very nice on nails, has a glossy finish. Sturdy enough, without chips and scuffs, it will last 5 days. Easily removed with nail polish remover without staining the skin around the nails.

For spring and summer, this is the perfect shade that will suit owners of both long and short nails..

Essence The Gel nail polish 48 My love diary.

Essence nail polish in shade 48 “My love diary” will suit lovers of bright, but at the same time classic manicure. A juicy, intense shade that combines the color of Marsala and dusty rose. It tends to change under different lighting conditions: from dark pink to nude chocolate.

The big advantage of the varnish is its brush. It is flat, wide enough and resembles the shape of a scapula – all this makes it easy to paint over the nail plate.

The structure of the varnish is liquid, it should be applied carefully enough so that it does not spread over the area around the nail. For perfect coverage, 2 coats are sufficient. After the first layer, the varnish already covers the nail plate, but when it dries, small stripes may appear, which are ideally hidden by the second layer. The drying time of the varnish is 10-15 minutes..

As for durability, the varnish will boldly withstand household chores and even general cleaning. It adheres perfectly to the nails for 4 days, does not chip and does not wear off.

Thanks to the effect of the gel coating, the varnish acquires a beautiful glossy finish, as if you have just visited a beauty salon. The manicure looks bright, stylish and is perfect for lovers of warm, autumn shades.

In’Garden One Step 2 gel nail polish.

Gel polish is very popular today among fashionistas and lovers of beautiful manicure. There is a large assortment of gel polishes on the cosmetic market, and it is often difficult to choose a quality product. Gel polish has many positive properties – it is persistent, which means you do not need to renew your manicure every 4-5 days. It creates a beautiful, glossy finish and looks very impressive and expensive..

In’Garden varnish in shade 002 is a real space! The holographic hue resembles a night sky strewn with many stars. It looks beautiful and impressive on nails, especially short ones. The varnish is shining, bright, shimmers expressively, especially in the sun. The main color is saturated blue, with shimmering particles of a similar shade. Due to this, the manicure looks more juicy and deep..

Before applying the varnish, you need to cover the nails with a base coat, then dry in a paw. The next step is to apply our colored coating. After coating with a thin layer of varnish, we dry it in a lamp and apply a second coat. Then we fix it with a top coat, dry it in a lamp and finish the process with a nail degreaser. Manicure is ready!

The structure of the varnish is quite thick, it is well distributed over the nail plate, without spreading over the area around the nail. The brush is wide and comfortable to use. The tenacity is amazing! It lasts for more than three weeks, remaining as bright and fresh..

If you love manicure gel polish and choose unusual shades that impress you and those around you, then In’Garden in shade 002 is for you.!

Nail Look Bio Formula 31462 Warm Taupe.

Natural manicure has remained at the height of fashion for several years. A nude shade of varnish applied to neat nails always looks beautiful and expensive. Natural beige shades emphasize the femininity and elegance of the hands, their well-groomed and sophistication.

The big advantage of nude shades is their versatility. The varnish will suit almost any look: business, daily or evening. It looks equally beautiful on both short and long nails..

Shade Warm Taupe – cold, with a gray undertone, but at the same time delicate, creamy beige, the so-called “coffee with milk”. It perfectly matches the skin color, visually lengthens the nails, and, thanks to the glossy effect, gives the manicure a well-groomed look.

The shade on the nails looks exactly the same as in the bottle. A big plus is that the varnish has a fairly dense coating and one layer is enough for complete staining of nails. The varnish brush is thin, has a straight cut. The varnish is applied easily, evenly, without spreading or leaving streaks. The complete drying time of the varnish is 8-10 minutes..

The durability is very high – the manicure stays fresh for 5-6 days, without chips and scuffs.

If you want a beautiful, natural manicure that will accentuate the beauty and grace of your hands, this varnish is for you!

Bottom line: nail polishes.

For myself, I have selected two varnishes: a gentle and natural Nail Look in the shade Warm Taupe and bright, summer Flormar in the shade “Tickled Pink”.

If you prefer a classic style of manicure and do not like to experiment, the shade “My love diary” from Essence will suit you. And if you are a lover of spectacular, juicy and bright manicure, then the perfect sunny shade of Flormar “Tickled Pink” varnish will be for you. With it, your manicure will not go unnoticed.!

Do you love a graceful and luxurious manicure? The shade of Nail Look “Warm Taupe” will embellish your look and add nobility.

Connoisseurs of durable coating will definitely appreciate In’Garden varnishes, and shade 002 will decorate a manicure and give it a brilliant look..

For the convenience of the brush, I would highlight the Flormar and In’Garden varnishes. They have fairly wide and flat brushes, which will be easy to work with for those who are just starting to do their own manicure, and for those who value their time and do not like to spend a lot of time on this process..

In terms of texture, NailLook and Essence are worth noting. The varnishes are of medium consistency, not too liquid, but also not thick. They are convenient to work with, they do not spread and do not stain the skin. But In’Garden gel polish seemed a little thick, which will complicate the work for those who are just starting to practice gel polish at home..

The smoothest finish is created by NailLook. Despite the fact that the color of the varnish is quite natural, the varnish tightly covers the nail plate after the first layer. Essence needs several layers, because after the first, minor stripes and stains remain on the nails.

In terms of durability, absolutely all varnishes deserve the highest score. They last well for 4-6 days, which is quite a lot for regular varnishes..

All presented nail polishes coped with the declared functions and properties. They have good pigmentation, color rendering, high durability, glossy finish and are easy to use..

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