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Review of TV TCL 55C715.

TCL 55C715 TV review.

The TCL 715 series TVs are a great example of the fact that a modern device for playing ultra-high quality content does not have to be expensive. High picture quality and a wide range of additional functions make these models one of the best offers in their price segment..

Where to buy TCL 55C715 TV?

Main pros and cons.

After studying reviews from various sources and reviews, the following main advantages and disadvantages of the TV can be distinguished:

Vivid, rich colors Neat design Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 + HDR 10.

Slow user interface Narrow viewing angle.

Image quality.

TCL 55C715 TV is based on VA matrix with QLED backlight. The quantum dot technology applied here has allowed manufacturers to achieve superior levels of brightness and clarity for images that are detailed and rich..

Both darkened and brightly lit scenes look equally good on TV. To create a high-quality image, the TV uses HDR10, HDR 10+ technologies, as well as Dolby Vision with the ability to switch operating modes depending on the context of the broadcast visual series.

The 55C715 has a 3840 x 2160 pixel display, so 4K UltraHD content looks great. At the same time, and during the playback of images in FullHD format, objects on the screen do not acquire significant blur or color depth.

With a 60Hz refresh rate, with a low input lag (9.7ms in game mode), the TV is a great option for gamers looking to realize the full potential of the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles..

Sound quality.

The sound quality of the TCL 55C715 TV can be called standard for this class of devices. The sound system is realized with the help of two built-in 10 W speakers, which gives a good sound for daily viewing. For the convenience of customizing the sound for your needs, a system of preset presets is provided to help you get the best experience from the content.

The manufacturer declared support for Dolby Atmos sound playback, but its implementation, taking into account the two-channel acoustics operation, can hardly be considered a reference. At the same time, the sound is characterized by good detail at all frequency levels, including pronounced lows. As a result, the TV will not spoil the experience of watching an action movie or playing a shooter. If you need to connect an external playback system, you can connect via SPDIF and HDMI ports with ARC support.


Smart TV in TCL 55C715 TV is based on ARM Cortex-A55 processor with four cores and Android TV operating system. With the help of the digital store, it is possible to install any required applications. The system user interface is intuitive and smooth, applications open quickly and smoothly.

The processor power allows you to load mobile games and also provides fast interaction with consoles. For the best gaming experience, the TV can be set to the appropriate operating mode for maximum picture quality and responsiveness.

The TCL 55C715 TV is compatible with voice assistants from Google and Amazon, but interaction with them is implemented exclusively in English. To implement this feature, the model is equipped with built-in microphones, which must be physically turned on and then activated in the settings..

Summary of the review.

According to the review, the TCL 55C715 TV can be called a good offer in its price segment. The device is solidly assembled and provides the viewer with the opportunity to enjoy content in native 4K UltraHD resolution. The high quality picture and good sounding of the built-in audio system fully realize the potential of streaming services and modern game consoles. As a result, the TV will surely take its place in many home multimedia systems..

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