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Should I buy a glass table for the kitchen?

Should I buy a glass table in the kitchen?.

When choosing the color of the glass surface of the table, consider not only the design of the kitchen, but also personal preferences. If the kitchen is made in white, beige, gray, milky, cream colors, the table can be chosen in a bright saturated color. Fashionable color – dark to black. Complete with such a product, chrome chairs will look great..

The priorities of our time are freedom, brevity, openness of space, safe comfort. Therefore, the same requirements are imposed on modern furniture..

The furniture market provides an excellent opportunity to choose in this direction, offering all new materials and technologies for the manufacture of furnishings. Glass tables for the kitchen have appeared relatively recently. And although they fully correspond to the concept of “modern”, not everyone decides to buy such a table. Let’s try to help the buyers of our online store figure out whether to purchase a glass table in the kitchen.

There is a bias among consumers against glass furniture, associated with personal experience of unsuccessful communication with glass items. What most often breaks, cracks, gets dirty? The answer is simple – everything that is made of glass. However, this is our delusion, but about everything in order..

1. Glass furniture, including a glass table for the kitchen, is made of specially hardened material that has passed a complex cycle of preliminary processing. As a result, the material acquires completely different strength characteristics: it not only does not break, but is extremely resistant to other damage. For example, you can be calm about the indelible stains – they will not be. Previously, only one tables had such an ideal surface – made of marble..

2. The edges of the tables are specially processed, so it is absolutely impossible to cut them off. In addition, there are many models with rounded edges, which makes such models completely safe even for babies..

3. All fingerprints and dust are really visible on the glass table surface. But this makes it no more difficult to keep such a table clean than the others. A table made of solid wood, MDF, plastic needs to be thoroughly cleaned from time to time using special means, making a lot of effort and spending a lot of time. And it is not a fact that all accumulated spots and circles will wipe off and disappear. It is enough to lightly wipe the glass product with a soft cloth – and it is again perfectly clean..

Furniture hypermarket “HEGGI” offers you only high-quality models of tables!

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