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Spare parts from the cylinder head 1JZ.

Spare parts from 1JZ cylinder head.

Spare parts with a cylinder head 1JZ engine are on sale: intake valves – 13711-46021, 13711-46022 exhaust valves (only 10 pieces suitable for operation, 2 damaged as a result of a piston break) – 13715-46020 oil seals – nine 0913-02088 (in words, the first digit of the number spare parts) valve springs nine – 0504-40002 (in words the first digit of the part number) valve spring plates – 13741-46020 stop valve locks (locks are not for all valves, several were lost during disassembly) – nine 0913-03025 (in words the first digit of the part number ) valve tappets with an adjusting washer – 13751-74020 13753-74010 2 temperature sensors as a gift.

Warranty and return conditions.

buy what you see in the photo. on-site inspection, no guarantee, no return.

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