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What to try in Fujairah: Emirati cuisine and food price review.

What to try in Fujairah: Emirati cuisine and food price review.

Fujairah – one of the famous resorts in the UAE, located on the shores of the Arabian Sea. There are no massive skyscrapers here, and well-preserved ancient structures harmoniously complement modern architecture..

In our article, we will tell you in detail what traditional dishes are especially popular with tourists and what you need to try in Fujairah in the first place. – a great opportunity to get acquainted with the history and culture of the UAE, and the national cuisine will help you to fully experience the flavor of the Middle East. The nature of the emirate surprises with green valleys, mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, as well as luxurious beaches with velvet sand. Fujairah is considered an ideal place for lovers of a quiet secluded getaway away from the bustle of the city..


What to try in Fujairah.

Traditional cuisine in the UAE is rich and distinctive. Its main ingredient is meat: lamb or veal. As a rule, it is prepared without adding fat, so the dishes are delicate and juicy..

Also, many recipes include rice, legumes, vegetables. A distinctive feature of oriental cuisine – a large number of spices, which are generously added to almost all dishes.

In the UAE, national cuisine is not called «Arab», namely «emirati». Thus, if you want to get acquainted with local culinary masterpieces, then look for the inscription in the restaurant menu «Emirati cuisine».

Kidpassage offers a small list of what to try in Fujairah from food:

Balalit – one of the newest dishes in Emirati cuisine. It is believed to be only about two hundred years old. Balalit is a sweet vermicelli with an egg omelet. Traditionally, this food is served for breakfast..

Biryani – rice with fried lamb, seasoned with spices. The meat is fried and then stewed with rice for a long time. Finally add raisins, spices and pistachios.

Kamir – yeast buns with date syrup.

Shawarma – popular national food. It is meat with salad, wrapped in pita bread. The secret of Emirati shawarma lies in the special set of spices and the use of kefir-based sauce.

Mutabal – the same famous «overseas caviar, eggplant». This is a delicate pate made from baked or fried eggplant with garlic and sesame seeds. Sometimes nuts and pomegranate seeds are added to the mutabal..

Lucamat – flour balls fried and soaked in date syrup.

Ferid – stewed meat with potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes and zucchini.

Umm Ali – light dessert, moderately sweet, which literally melts in your mouth. With raisins, nuts, dried fruit and rose water soak, this bread pudding goes well with strong Arabic coffee.

Prices in cafes and restaurants.

Fujairah has recently become popular with tourists. Although there is not such a huge selection of catering establishments as in Dubai, still every tourist will find cafes and restaurants to their liking..

Prices for food and accommodation in Fujairah are lower than in all other emirates.

Drinking is strictly prohibited under local laws. Therefore, you will not find a wine list in most establishments..

The average bill for two is:

breakfast – from 25 dirhams; three-course lunch or dinner in a mid-range restaurant – from 100 dirhams; dinner in a fashionable restaurant – from 180 dirhams.

Prices in Fujairah cafes and restaurants 2021.

In order for you to roughly calculate the travel budget, Kidpassage offers a small overview of the cost of meals in establishments of different price categories..

How much lunch costs directly depends on the location and popularity of the establishment. Let’s start our review with budget cafes.

Prices for food in an inexpensive cafe for locals:

salad – 7-10 dirhams; rice with vegetables – 15 dirhams; fish or meat dish – from 30 dirhams; soups – from 13 dirhams; beverages – from 5 dirhams.

Many tourists note that the prices in Fujairah restaurants are comparable to the average European ones. For example – several items from the menu of one restaurant:

seafood soup – 20 dirhams; Vegetable Salad – 15-20 dirhams; a plate of meze – 25-35 dirhams; smoked salmon – 40 dirhams; chicken pasta – 40 dirhams; pasta with seafood – 45 dirhams; king prawns – 40 dirhams; steak– 50-60 dirhams.

If you want to dine in a fashionable restaurant overlooking the Indian Ocean, then plan to spend at least 90 dirhams per person:

complex breakfast – 60 dirhams; toast with egg and avocado – 50 dirhams; french toast – 35 dirhams; cold soup with lemon juice – 40 dirhams; fried squid – 45 dirhams; hummus trio – 95 dirhams; salad «Caesar» – 40 dirhams; crabs – 135 dirhams; blouse – 70 dirhams; seafood cocktail – 130 dirhams; grilled asparagus and broccoli – 30 dirhams; arabic coffee – 40 dirhams; Turkish coffee – 20 dirhams.

Street food and fast food.

Travelers who have visited the UAE strongly recommend trying Arabic fast food.

Street food in Fujairah is sold everywhere. You can grab a bite to eat at one of the world’s renowned fast food restaurants, or enjoy the taste of local street food..

So, how much does it cost to eat on the streets of the resort:

manakish (hearty tortillas with cheese and sesame seeds) – from 10 dirhams; shawarma – from 5 dirhams; falafel – 15-20 dirhams; kebabs – from 10 dirhams; ice cream – from 5 dirhams.

Food prices in Fujairah.

In general, holidays in the Emirates cannot be called budgetary; food prices in Fujairah are the same as in Europe. But if you rent an apartment with a kitchen and cook yourself, you can save a lot.

Shops and supermarkets of the emirate regularly hold promotions and offer good discounts to their regular customers.

Food Prices in Fujairah 2021.

Let’s consider food prices in Fujairah in more detail. For example, we offer the cost of products from the website of a chain supermarket (*):

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